Lenovo imagined a laptop with a removable tablet

lenovo notebook tablet integrated patent

How many of us have seen or own gods PC 2-in-1 that become real tablets? But if there was a notebook who owns a tablets integrated that we can use independently without having to use the of the laptop, as imagined by Lenovo in the new patent?

Lenovo: How the tablet integrated in the notebook works

lenovo notebook tablet integrated patent 2

In Lenovo's patent, an expert in computer solutions of this type, we have a notebook of standard workmanship, but what makes it truly unique is what is found in the rear body of the . In fact, a real tablet is housed, which can be extracted with a slide movement and used in a totally autonomous way.

But how does it work when the tablet is stowed in the laptop case? Trying to interpret the document, it is possible to use as Always-On Display to read notifications and check other activities while on the go and cannot detach the device from the PC.

Although it works autonomously, it is possible to use it in "Side Car”Maybe to use it as a graphics tablet, since there is also one stylus or to take quick notes without typing on the keyboard.

Although it remains a device present in a patent and therefore very futuristic, it is not excluded that Lenovo can make it a reality by bringing productivity in mobility an increasingly broad and structured concept.

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