Laotie FX150 review: 1500W electric mountain bike with fat wheels is from another planet

26-inch FAT-type wheels, 1500w motor, 27-speed gearbox, double shock-absorbing system, hydraulic disc brakes, 45 km / h of maximum speed and approximately 100 km of maximum range on a single charge. Already seen only in photos, the Laotia FX150 it seems to be on another level.

But it is after having tried it that, indeed, the idea that it comes from a parallel dimension becomes more and more concrete. Because, of course, we have liked Laotie for many of its products, such as the D4s Pro and FT-5, but the brand had never managed to reach such high levels with one of its models: the Laotia FX150 it is an electric mountain biike that lacks nothing at all, it has an engine capable of handling slopes up to 40 kg, it can support a maximum weight of 200 kg and then, I must admit, it is really beautiful.

What is less beautiful, however, is the price, which is around 1500 euros but which through the discount coupon below is reduced a lot, and never as in this case the question you ask us the most is legitimate: is it worth spending all these money for an electric bicycle (which is in fact a mix between a mountain bike and a fat bike) produced by a Chinese brand?

Review Laotia FX150: the fat wheel mountain bike with 1500w motor is a champion


Given the large size of the bicycle, the packaging of the Laotia FX150 it is particularly large and bulky. This is because the electric mountain bike comes practically already assembled, with the exception of the front wheel, the handlebars, the pedals and the front fender. All components that you will need to assemble yourself, but don't worry: it is an operation that you can also do alone and that will not take too long, also thanks to the excellent instruction manual that accompanies the product.

Data sheet - Laotia FX150

  • Motor power: 1500W (brushless type);
  • Maximum speed: limited to 25 km / h (unlockable at 45 km / h);
  • Battery: 48v and 12.8 Ah removable battery;
  • Tires: 26 × 4 inch fat;
  • Three driving modes;
  • Shimano 27-speed gearbox;
  • LED front light;
  • Aluminum alloy frame;
  • Bike weight 27 kg (with battery installed);
  • Front / rear disc brake;
  • Front / rear shock absorber;
  • Dimensions when open: 198 x 110 x 103 cm;
  • Closed dimensions: 100 x 105 x 45 cm.

Design and materials

Let's start immediately from an assumption: the only logical reason why the company may have wanted to integrate an opening mechanism in the central barrel, could only be related to the extraction of the battery. Why, come on, the Laotia FX150 it is an electric mountain bike of biblical dimensions (and power), and even if the front wheel is easily removable by means of a spring mechanism, it is difficult to "fold" it you could carry it with you comfortably. In short, it is a model that I personally would never treat as a folding bike, for whose transport I would organize myself with external supports to be connected to the luggage rack in the car.

But despite its size, the Laotia FX150 it is not so heavy: of course, it weighs 27 kg, but it is a much less "problematic" value than it seems, and not only because the 1500w motor does not make a slight wrinkle even in very steep climbs, but above all because there are less "massive" models that weigh much more: just think of Laotie's FT-5, which weighs 33 kg. In short, from the point of view of weight optimization, and considering that Laotia FX150 it has an engine three times more powerful than what we find on the company's other fat bike, there is no doubt that the brand has done a great job by opting for a resistant and relatively light frame.

The whole aluminum alloy structure is extremely solid, the handlebar tends to practically eliminate vibrations and the combination of 26 "and 4" wide wheels, double shock absorber and large and comfortable seat, make it very pleasant to drive.

The company logo continues to be positioned in the central barrel of the bicycle and is really very, very large but, despite this particular, the design of the Laotia FX150 it is among the most beautiful that I have been able to see lately: and just as it happened when I was testing the FT-5, even while I was traveling around Avellino with the company's fat mountain bike, many asked me what model it was , and this is because there is not a minimum detail that the brand has overshadowed.

Starting from the very light aluminum rims, up to the color choices, there is nothing to say: the Laotia FX150 it is really beautiful. What is less beautiful, however, is the saddle, which I found particularly hard and uncomfortable: of course, it is a typical saddle of a mountain bike and it is probably me who is not used to this style, but I must say that as far as I'm concerned it is the least comfortable element of the whole product.

The titanium suspension front fork and aluminum locking mechanism, which is of the hydraulic type, are of good quality, as is the rear ammunition system with which the entire section of the rear wheel has been connected to the structure. Then there are the two disc brakes, front and rear, again of the hydraulic type and are made with an enlarged copper base.

The battery module is removable, and is activated with a key positioned on the lower part: all the electronics will not turn on until the key is turned which will start the battery power. On the handlebar, on the other hand, there is a large central display, in which it will be possible to access all the most important information relating to the bicycle and which, unlike what happens with some brands, is perfectly visible even in direct light conditions. The assistance levels, however, are not managed by the screen: on the left side of the handlebar, those of LAOTIE have inserted two buttons that can be easily reached while traveling, used for this purpose.

Engine and gearbox - Laotie FX150

To animate the Laotia FX150 a 1500w motor takes care of it which, if we want to be honest, makes it suitable for purely sporting use and off the urban streets. It is one of the best engines I have had the opportunity to test, always snappy, responsive and powerful, which in no way fears even the steepest climbs: in my tests I managed to climb a climb in which some sections had a gradient of more than 35 % without ever losing the help from the engine.

Then there is a 27-speed Shimano gearbox, typical of mountain bikes, which is always precise, fast and reliable and which is managed via two click switches positioned on the two external areas of the handlebar, right next to the knobs. On the right side of the handlebar, there is also an accelerator to be able to ride the bike in "full electric" mode but which, let's remember, in Italy it is not allowed to use electric bikes but which, I must admit, has been of great help to me. times especially for uphill starts.

Also in this model there are three pedal assist modes and there is no torque sensor, which could make uphill starts slightly difficult if the right gear has not been engaged: the pedal assist starts on the fifth turn of the pedals but in these cases, fortunately, the presence of the accelerator simplifies things considerably.

In short, the point is this: the Laotia FX150 it is a power, but it is so powerful that according to the current Italian regulations it is not possible to drive it on public land. So, it's an electric mountain bike, to be used on mountain bike trails and not for grocery shopping or getting around town.

The road test

In any case, for me who was not a lover of the typical riding style of mountain bikes, I must say that it was not easy to get used to riding the Laotia FX150. I admit, however, that once I became familiar with the shape of the frame and the position of the handlebars, I began to appreciate the advantages and I had a lot of fun. Of course, I am not the type who goes to the mountains to ride a bike, nor do I risk my safety by following routes that are too difficult for my abilities, but by driving the Laotia FX150 I had a really funny time.

Its 26-inch fat-type wheels, the front and rear warning system and, above all, the excellent braking quality, make the Laotia FX150 one of the most fun and safe electric bikes to ride, also because the vibrations are really minimized to the maximum.

There are 3 operating modes (manual pedaling, assisted pedaling and full electric) and when the engine comes into play, one of the five assistance levels available can be used which, in Italy, are limited to the maximum speed of 25 km / h.

And the fact that the company has decided to use 4 "thick tires has made the warning and management of any impacts due to potholes and road surfaces even more efficient. poco uniform, making this beast beautiful to drive even in adverse weather conditions: in the rain, for example, the Laotia FX150 it does not make any wrinkles and the presence of the rear fender will avoid splashes.

In short, I've always been a fat bike more than a mountain bike type, but I must admit that the experience of riding with Laotia FX150 it is pleasant in every respect. Its engine is able to support a maximum weight of 200 KG and in my tests I came to the conclusion that it is able to help in climbs up to about 35 ° of slope. Not bad.

Battery Life - Laotia FX150

With the Laotia FX150 then, the company has overcome a problem that I encountered when I tested the FT-5: if you remember the review of the fat bike of the brand, I pointed out how the 10 Ah of the battery it integrates, could have been a sort of limitation regarding the autonomy. Well, with the Laotia FX150 this limit has been exceeded thanks to a battery from 12.8 Ah to 48v, which on paper would guarantee the bicycle about 100 km of autonomy.

Clearly, in real life these performances could seem like a mirage, also de I must say that in my tests I managed to get a good result: with the minimum pedaling assistance, I managed to cover about 90 km on a single charge, and I passed the 40 in full electric mode.

However, recharging is very slow: to go from 0% to 100% it could take up to 7 hours with the charger with schuko socket that comes out of the package.

Laotie FX150: 2 minute review

La Laotia FX150 is an electric mountain bike with fat wheels, which is aimed at a specific audience. It has 26 "4" wide tires and is made with a strong and relatively light aluminum alloy frame: it weighs 27 kg, a good 5 less than most traditional fat bikes. Its 1500w motor and the presence of the accelerator make it suitable exclusively for sport, and the front and rear hydraulic shock absorbing system together with the wheels guarantees excellent management of vibrations and shocks.

The engine is snappy, powerful, is able to support a maximum weight of 200 kg and overcome climbs up to about 35 degrees of incline, while the 27-speed Shimano gearbox makes it excellent even for the most difficult mountainous routes to manage. The saddle, however, is the typical one of mountain bikes, it is quite hard and is in fact the only feature poco comfortable bike.

There are 3 assistance modes, and from unlocked the Laotia FX150 it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 45 Km / h. Proportionate the battery, which is removable, and which guarantees a maximum range of about 90 kilometers, excellent hydraulic braking system with disc brakes: braking is decisive and safe.

Not for everyone the price, which is however justified by the build quality, the great power of the engine and the excellent attention to detail.

Selling price and considerations

Currently the selling price of the Laotia FX150 is 2658,25 euros, but through the box you find below you could buy it at a discount thanks to a flash sale to about 1425 €. A figure that continues not to be for all budgets but, let's face it, it is a figure to be spent on an electric bicycle that does not appeal to everyone.

La Laotia FX150 it is super powerful, well cushioned, has great tires and a high quality hydraulic braking system. But, at the same time, it is not a bicycle born to be used in the city: it is playful, fun, sporty, and should be used mostly in this way.

But one thing is certain: whether you are a mountain bike lover or not, with the Laotia FX150 fun is guaranteed and yes, we're probably talking about the best Chinese electric bicycle I've ever had the chance to try. This 2022 started with a bang.

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