KUU A8S Pro Review: A better notebook than the A8S, at the right price

The semiconductor crisis continues and many companies find themselves with their backs to the wall from a production point of view. In fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find valid devices on the market that are ready to be sold, both in small shops and in large-scale distribution. We still suffer a lot, therefore, all that brought with it the Coronavirus pandemic which, according to the data, has not yet stopped. 

Despite everything, there are brands that are continuing to produce a good amount of alternatives on the market, especially in China. Some time ago, therefore, we had the opportunity to try one of these, that is KUU A8S, for an notebook 15,6 ”with good hardware characteristics. Going to reread that review for a moment, I remembered all the moments spent with this device which, all in all, was able to show good quality in everyday use. It couldn't be that different, then, the new one KUU A8S Pro. This is the next version, worthy heir of A8S which offers, however, an updated hardware and a body practically identical to its younger brother. Will it really make sense, then, to switch from one device to another? You just have to keep reading this Full review to know more. 

KUU A8S Pro review


As on the A8S, this device finds space inside a very basic cardboard box. In addition to showing the company name and some fundamental technical characteristics, we find nothing else. Inside, therefore, reside the following accessories:

  • KUU A8S Pro;
  • 24W wall power supply with adapter for European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • warranty certificate. 

Design & Materials

It will seem almost strange to you but the situation that I will present to you in between poco it is absolutely normal: this notebook is identical to A8S from the point of view of materials and components visible to the naked eye. This means that the company has seen fit to update the device in terms of hardware while keeping the other aspects of the device unchanged. Exactly like on the previous model, therefore, also in this case the body is made entirely of plastic, including the external part. In terms of dimensions, then, this laptop measures 375 x 245 x 22 mm, With a weight of 1,76Kg. Therefore it is not one of the simplest products to carry inside your backpack but it must still be taken into account that the display remains quite large.

kuu a8s pro

Taking a complete look at this notebook we notice the presence of several ports, making the daily experience with A8S Pro even more enjoyable. RJ45 for the internet, one USB-A 3.0, audio jack 3,5mm and the slot for microSD on the right side frame. On the other side, however, we have a second USB-A 3.0 input, the hole for the power cable and an input mini-HDMI. Unlike the standard model, however, the Kensington security port is missing here. 

Under the upper surface there are the four rubber pads that allow you to keep the notebook firmly on the desk, as well as a door that grants access to theSSD da 256GB. In fact, by unscrewing the two screws at the top, it is possible to view this component or replace it. Beyond this, then, the system that holds the display still is quite convincing, a sign that the hinges have not been neglected on this model. Even if the maximum inclination is not 180 °, it is still possible to work on the move without too many problems. 

Keyboard & Trackpad

kuu a8s pro

As many of you may already know, I use a 15 ”MacBook Pro from 2019 every day, one of those notebooks" accused "of having one of the most fragile keyboards ever at Apple. Personally, however, I have never had any reliability problems in this sense and, indeed, this system has somehow accustomed me to a certain type of feedback being written. I do not want to say, therefore, that I found myself wrong with the keyboard of the A8S Pro but I certainly noticed many critical points: the noise is not that of an excellent quality component and the stroke of the keys, although quite adequate, does not make it so easy to type. on that notebook. After a little practice, no more touches are lost but initially it is too wide, integrating among other things the classic numeric keypad on the right side. 

Forget the layout in Italian but, to overcome this problem, you can easily opt for one of those adhesive stickers to be applied above the keyboard itself. Beyond that, however, it's not that hard to get used to fluent writing on a laptop with an American layout. 

Putting aside everything we know about the world of notebooks, one of the fundamental parts of these products, the one that we cannot do without, is the trackpad. It is never easy to make a clear discussion when handling a MacBook every day but, beyond anything else, I can tell you that this A8S Pro does not improve on what is shown on its predecessor. We have a whole surface to count on, even quite large, but the sensitivity of that component has nothing to do with what we are used to finding on higher-end laptops. I would have preferred, in this case, to be able to experience a smoother and faster navigation but unfortunately the right changes have not been made in this regard. 

kuu a8s pro


In front of us we find a IPS LCD da 15,6 " with resolution Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels), therefore the exact same unit mounted on the A8S. Compared to that model, therefore, the anti-reflection surface remains, useful when working on the move, as well as the difficulty of use in direct sunlight. Although the viewing angles are quite good, there is a rather low brightness in some conditions. When you stay inside closed places this is just fine, but the same is not true when you step outside. In any case, we have a good color rendering that makes the images vivid. 

kuu a8s pro

As previously mentioned, the flexibility of the rear hinges has a limit: you cannot go beyond about 100 °. This, however, does not prevent you from taking advantage of the notebook on the go, perhaps even in situations that are a little uncomfortable, without too many problems. 

kuu a8s pro

Hardware & Performance

Under the shell of this KUU A8S Pro beats a processor Intel Celeron J4125, therefore a quad-core unit released on the market in Q4 2019 capable of unleashing 2,00 GHz base and 2,70 GHz at maximum power. To complete this package, then, we find 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a SSD from 256GB which this time was not divided into any additional units. You will therefore have a single memory in which to save any type of file and program. 

kuu a8 pro

Great hardware step forward for this product, which finally frees itself from the older processor used on the A8S. This lays the foundations, therefore, for a more fluid use in daily use, both with a lighter management and with programs that require more resources. Going to use Adobe Photoshop o Premiere, in fact, I did not notice any particular problem, managing to easily edit some photos and produce some short videos lasting about 10 minutes. Obviously you will always have to stay on basic changes, never inserting too many effects. As on the previous model, web browsing is also pretty good with Chrome, even with different tabs open. You can therefore manage YouTube and several other sites at the same time without the RAM immediately raising the white flag. With the suite OfficeFurthermore, you will be able to work in comfort, always being able to take advantage of the good computing power of the machine. The same goes for videos in 4K, certainly better supported on this A8S Pro than the A8S. In fact, starting one of these test clips, I did not register any slowdown in playback, even using the classic Windows player. 

With this device it is possible to play video games quite easily even with titles that are usually a little more complicated to manage such as Asphalt 9. By starting the title, therefore, you will have the opportunity to play without slowdowns and with a decent frame-rate, albeit not excellent. Much of the credit, in this case, must necessarily be attributed to the integrated graphics card, one Intel HD Graphics 600 with a maximum power of 750 MHz. 



Windows 11 has already been out for a few months but on this unit we are anchored to older software, that is Windows 10 Pro. Despite everything, however, I must admit that the features are all active and that the user experience is not bad at all. We therefore have the usual basic applications, a rich and complete interface, the Microsoft Store and everything that has always characterized this operating system. However, nothing prevents us from installing Ubuntu or any other Linux alternative on it, so as to lighten the system a little.

All the rights of Windows are present on this laptop, being able to manage the system as on other similar products. 

Connectivity & Audio

In terms of connectivity, there is space for a module 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band which is able to satisfy both at home and outdoors, obviously always as long as you are in the vicinity of a good wireless network. There is also no lack of Bluetooth 4.2, audio jack 3.5mm, the entrance mini-HDMI, the door RJ45 for the wired internet network and, as previously mentioned, the two inputs USB-A 3.0. We must add to all these specifications a 2 MP webcam which, frankly, is identical to the one proposed on the KUU A8S Pro. Let's say that it is more than good for work and / or school use. 

kuu a8s pro

Let's see how under the display, right next to the keyboard, there is space for it speaker principal. From the audio point of view the quality is not good, since at maximum volume some distortions are noticed on the high tones. Unfortunately, then, the bass are almost completely absent, rendering poco full-bodied audio. 


Going to disassemble the lower body we find the battery, a unit from 38Wh, which manages to guarantee an autonomy of about 4 hours (with display always on). Most likely the perfect users for this device will use this notebook to watch videos on YouTube, work on the Office package, browse the web and, at the most, edit some short videos or slightly modify some photos. The more you use software such as Premiere and Photoshop, however, the more the laptop's autonomy drops. 

Price & Conclusions

KUU A8S Pro is currently being sold on The Amazon at the price of 320 €

NB If you do not see the box with the code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

Let's say that the figure is quite low, especially in light of what is offered. From a certain point of view, in fact, the brand has updated the previous model with good hardware and a fair optimization. Many people may still be looking for a good product for school or, on the go, for work. Therefore, this notebook could actually be for them, representing the right opportunity to save something compared to what is offered on the market. 

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Design & Materials
Audio & Connectivity
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The semiconductor crisis continues and many companies find themselves with their backs to the wall from a production point of view. In fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find valid devices on the market that are ready to be sold, both in small shops and in large ...review-kuu-a8s-pro