ILIFE EASINE W100 review: vacuum and wash, all at once

ilife easy w100

I want to start with this sentence: “One thing is certain: 2022 will be the year of vacuum cleaner intelligent, able to (for real) wash floors. ". This is an excerpt from the review by Tineco Floor One S5, of our good Dario, who even before starting his own examination of the product decided to make his debut like this. I fully approve of this thought, also in light of the facts, because to date the number of these devices is really high. However, not everyone is still willing to entrust their cleaning to smart devices, capable of interfacing with a smartphone to detect data, offer support and much more. There are many users, in fact, who do not feel the plus of this type of functions, often judging them superfluous.

It is never easy to get everyone to agree on aspects related to technology that is advancing and which, inevitably, changes our way of life. If we think about it, in fact, it is the same thing that happened several years ago in the mobile sector, when the internet took over and even reached our phones. To date, however, there is still the possibility to choose which side to take: which is why I present to you one of the simplest cleaning products, without smart functions, which could therefore be of interest to many users. This device is called iLife EASINE W100 and belongs to the Vacuum Cleaner family, offering the possibility to clean floors in a classic way and beyond. With this product, in fact, you can also wash the floor and collect liquid and solid waste, all in a single pass. Don't believe it? Then you just have to stay tuned to this one Full review.

ILIFE EASINE W100 review


Taking a look at the packaging it is immediately clear what type of product it is, since on the front there is a stylized image. Beyond that, however, there isn't much information about it, except the model name shown at the top left. The following accessories are located inside the sales box:

  • a HEPA filter, already inserted in the product;
  • charging base;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • vacuum cleaner cleaning tool;
  • liquid solution for cleaning floors;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

We have now learned about similar devices, so we are not too surprised by the size. However, I can tell you that this product is not absolutely slim, showing a certain grandeur especially in the lower part. Here, in fact, all the most important components are located which, in a moment, we will analyze. Returning to dimensions, therefore, the new EASINE vacuum cleaner measures 1170 x 280 x 250 mm, with a net weight of approx 4,2 Kg. Despite this aspect, however, it is not so difficult to manage in daily use, also because the maneuverability of this product is quite high. Considering its functions and the average time of use, in fact, I think it is a good compromise. As often happens, however, do not expect precious materials: this vacuum cleaner is made of plastic and the only metal component is located on the upper part, in correspondence with the handle.

ilife easy w100

At the moment it is not easy to find information online about this device, but luckily the user manual comes to the rescue. Within this booklet, therefore, we see an important indication about the two water tanks integrated in it: that of theclean water (top) contains 0,6 liters while the second (below), for the dirty and liquid residues, it contains only 0,5 liters. Despite this, however, the dimensions of the product remain overall small, not showing particularly protruding parts. Beyond this aspect, then, the release system is really simple and intuitive.

ilife easy w100

Having to contain the spaces it was normal for the company to aim at the design of tanks of this type, which develop mainly vertically. From the packaging, however, you immediately notice one aspect: the vacuum cleaner is initially not complete. The upper handle is missing which, once the product has been extracted, must be inserted into the only slot at the top, near the display. Here, then, there is also a rubberized plastic handle that allows you to transport the vacuum cleaner more easily when not in use. Beyond this, then, along the side frames there are slits for the escape of hot air, while at the back the space is mainly occupied by the battery integrated (3.000 mAh).

Let's see how below there is, as usual, the support for the brush principal. If necessary, however, this can be removed and cleaned, so that it can be immediately operational again. Unlike other products, however, in the package there are no further accessories in this sense, having to always use the usual support for each type of surface. This brush, however, is made with a fiber mix soft and harder bristles that offer greater flexibility in everyday use. There are also the two rear rubber wheels and the display. The latter is located at the top, right in correspondence with the upper handle, and shows some important information such as the battery level, the rotation speed of the brush and the filling of the two water tanks.

ilife easy w100

Suction & Washing

As I said at the beginning of this review, not everyone is used to having a smart product in their hands, which is why ILIFE EASINE W100 offers maximum simplicity in this sense. In fact, by turning on the product, normal cleaning is carried out, while by filling the water tank it is possible to wash the floor. Just press the Power button on the handle and that's it. With the lower selector, on the other hand, it is possible to quickly switch from the "Echo"To function"Max”That pushes the machine to the maximum.

ilife easy w100

Extracting the clean water tank from its housing we notice a completely empty compartment. On the lower part, however, there is the nozzle that allows the liquid to reach the bottom and be expelled under the main brush. No real water is released on the floor, also because this would jeopardize some more delicate surfaces. Taking a look at this component, however, it is clear how the water comes nebulized and immediately go and settle on the floor. During cleaning, however, there is nothing to fear: while you pass the brush, the drops are absorbed and collected inside the lower compartment, the one for collecting the dirty water. This, therefore, is an effective and absolutely efficient method, which prevents the water from remaining on the ground for more than a few moments.

Unlike the "Eco" mode, with the "Max" it is possible to suck up even the most bulky particles. In fact, during all the tests, I did not encounter any particular problems in this sense, managing to vacuum both the smallest parts and the largest impurities such as cereals or bread crumbs. This device sucks up liquids and solids in a single pass, even without having to refill the clean water tank. In any case, managing the latter is quite simple: it is necessary to click on the lower button of the handle, the one that represents the drop of water, to nebulize the liquid inside and spread it on the underlying surface.

Like the other models already on the market, this ILIFE EASINE W100 is equipped with a filter HEPA-13 which can be easily cleaned if necessary. By washing it under water, even without the use of special detergents, it will be possible to eliminate all the impurities trapped during the various cleaning sessions. This filter also removes the 99.97% of particles from 0.3 microns upwards. We must not forget, then, the possibility of washing the main brush with the mode of self-cleaning of the device itself: by inserting the vacuum cleaner inside its base and clicking on the button depicting a hand (above the display), a complete wash lasting 60 seconds will automatically start.


According to what is reported in the user manual (also in Italian) this vacuum cleaner has a nominal power of 1500w. This figure should only be sufficient to guarantee good cleaning throughout the house, but thanks to the rotating brush supplied in the package, almost every type of dirt is doomed to a single destiny. However, it remains true that with greater power the performance could certainly be better, removing even the most stubborn dirt.

ilife easy w100

There are two cleaning modes: Eco and Max. We have already partially seen what is the major difference between these functions but I must say that in terms of noise we are more or less on the same level. This product, therefore, is certified for one noisiness about 75 db. There are even less noisy devices, with higher powers, so the company in this respect could also have done something more.

There are not many accessories supplied in the package, net of a single brush, a liquid product for washing and two small combs useful for cleaning the most difficult parts. Beyond this, however, we find nothing else. We will therefore have to proceed with a fairly regular cleaning of the rotating brush which inevitably remains dirty after a few cycles. However, I appreciate the fact that the company has thought of inserting a rubber coating on the plastic part that protects it, so as not to damage the piece and the furniture that come into contact with it. On the other hand, however, I did not like the maximum inclination that allows you to take advantage of this product, failing to clean well in the most difficult points (under the bed, under the chairs, etc.).


A battery from 3.000 mAh which, in "Eco" mode, guarantees an autonomy of about 30 minutes. Enough, therefore, to thoroughly clean a house of about 90 square meters. It is clear, however, that depending on the mode chosen and on the basis of the minutes in which it is switched on, this data can vary significantly. There have been cases in which with a mixture of "Eco" and "Max" modes I have not exceeded 15 minutes of operation.

ilife easy w100

Placing this vacuum cleaner inside its base, the charging time is approximately 4 hours. I would have expected a higher speed but it is also true that the autonomy allows you to clean a large part of the house already with the first pass.

Review in 2 minutes

With ILIFE EASINE W100 you will no longer have cleaning problems at home. This vacuum cleaner, in fact, allows to collect solid and liquid substances quickly and in a single pass. There are two tanks inside, one for 500ml clean water and the other for dirty (600ml), which perform this task. Despite its weight of 4,2 kg it is easy to maneuver even for several minutes, despite the fact that the maximum inclination is not exactly the best. Therefore, you will hardly be able to get well under the beds or sofas.

On board it is equipped with a 1500w motor that can be used in two different modes: “Eco” and “Max”. With the first we will have greater savings in energy terms, while the second will become useful for removing the most encrusted dirt by using all the power of the machine. Obviously this will have effects on the battery, a 3.000 mAh unit, which will allow us to have an autonomy of about 30 minutes available on average. Not really one of the longest-lasting portable brooms in that respect.

Despite everything, it is in line with what is offered on the market, also mounting an easy-to-clean HEPA-13 filter. The competition is fierce but for its price it is a valid product.

Price & Conclusions

This ILIFE EASINE W100 is currently being sold on Amazon at the price of 299,99 euros. With our discount code "30 EUROS“, However, it is possible to take it home for 269,99 €. Click on the link below.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

On the one hand we have an extremely ductile vacuum cleaner which, theoretically, should be comfortable for most users. With a single device, in fact, it is possible to vacuum dirt, solid and liquid, without always having to change filter or product. On the other hand, however, it is true that on the market there are also some competing devices at a good price, such as the Jimmy HW8 (we tried the Jimmy HW8 Pro) which costs about 30 euros less on Amazon.

There are no smart functions that facilitate its use or that simply make it connected with an entire home ecosystem. Since this is a product to be used manually, however, I do not see what great advantages this connection can entail. Ultimately, I believe that simplicity always pays off.

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