Huawei says: 2022 will mark the return of HiSilicon

huawei hisilicon 2022

Gone are the times when Huawei could show off the technological power of its chipmaking division HISILICON. The Chinese house could boast the creation of proprietary chipsets that, like Samsung, were tailor-made on their smartphones. But since the US banned it, HiSilicon can no longer operate as freely as it used to. The American ban prevents it from trading normally with TSMC, ergo it can no longer make the Kirin SoCs that characterized Huawei devices so much. Just think of the two-year period 2018/2019, with Kirin 980 and 990 competing directly with the best Qualcomm and Samsung SoCs.

Since the US hit Huawei and HiSilicon, the Kirin 9000 series was the latest to include proprietary SoCs for smartphones such as the Huawei Mate 40, Mate X2 and P50 Pro. Meanwhile, the company has had to fall back on third-party chips. manufactured by MediaTek and Qualcomm. If this were not enough, Huawei can only buy chips with 4G modems: a paradoxical situation, if we consider that Huawei is a leading company in the construction of 5G infrastructures and terminals.

2022 will be the year of HiSilicon: here's what to expect from Huawei

Nonetheless, Huawei hasn't given up and is trying to keep HiSilicon production relevant. After a two-year hiatus from the US ban, Huawei has said that 2022 will mark HiSilicon's return to the industry. There is even an official teaser poster, which reads "Towards the core", Which translated becomes"Towards the core", With a play on words where"core”Indicates one of the elements of the CPUs.

huawei hisilicon 2022

That was enough to spark a discussion on the net, complete with rumors that spoke of an unprecedented SoC HiSilicon Skylight 800 ready to debut. In reality it will not be so: Huawei has promptly denied this news, stating that there is no such chip. It therefore remains to be seen what the future of a HiSilicon that in these two years has continued to produce, although not in the smartphone market, will be. For example, a few days ago a new ISP Kirin, which however points to the automotive sector in which Huawei is believing a lot.

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