How to turn a video into a GIF on Telegram

how to transform telegram gif video android ios

Among many possibilities that Telegram gives us, there are also those to create multimedia content of a certain type and among these are the videos that we can transform into GIFs. Precisely for this reason, in the guide that follows we will illustrate you precisely how to transform any video into a GIF on the application of Telegram, for both Android and iOS.

How to turn a video into a GIF using Telegram for Android and iOS

how to transform telegram gif video android ios 05

The procedure used to transform a video on Telegram, which is created at the moment is loaded later, in a GIF it is really very simple and above all you can really do it in few steps. The most convenient thing is that this feature is available on both Android smartphone and iOS, so no one is left without it and it can be a useful opportunity to create content faster than a standard video. Obviously, the premise is having to download the application of Telegram to the latest version possible.

  1. Open any Telegram chat

    The first step to take is obviously that of opening a single or group chat, a necessary condition for the procedure as we are sending content. If you want to give it a try, it is recommended to open “Saved Messages”.

  2. Click on the clip for Attachments

    In order to send multimedia content, you must click on the Attachments item, which corresponds to the Clip on the right side of the space intended for writing.

  3. Launch the camera or upload a video from the Gallery

    Once the Attachments have been opened, there are two ways to get a video: the first, the quickest, is to upload one already present in the Gallery. Or, if you need new content, you can record one through the Telegram Camera (the first pane of the Gallery at the top left). how to transform telegram gif video android ios 04 gif

  4. Make the video in "Silent" mode

    Since a GIF is an animation without sound, to make the video as such, the video must be muted. This is done by clicking on the speaker icon found above the video editor that you use to shorten it at will and making it “Silent” (Strikethrough Speaker). This is a fundamental condition, because otherwise you will send it as a simple to transform telegram gif video android ios 03

  5. Send the message with the GIF

    In order to get the GIF done and finished, you must then send what you have obtained as a message and that's to transform telegram gif video android ios 02

And this was the guide for how to turn a video into a GIF using the Telegram application, whether you have iOS or Android.

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