How to download wallpapers of all OnePlus smartphones in 4K

Are you passionate about OnePlus and would like to have all the wallpapers of the brand, even the older ones? Are you a lover of minimal and abstract images and are you looking for something new? So stop the chatter and let's find out how to download backgrounds of all smartphone OnePlus in version 4K and set them up in a handful of steps.

OnePlus: here's how to download the wallpapers of all smartphones

How to download wallpapers of all OnePlus smartphones in 4K

Longtime OnePlus enthusiasts will certainly be familiar with Hampus Olsson: it is a Swedish artist and designer who has been collaborating with the company for some time, starting with the historic OnePlus 2. We talked in depth of the history of the brand's wallpaper, but on this occasion we will limit ourselves only to explaining how to download wallpapers of all OnePlus smartphones, in resolution 4K. Given his amount of work, among other things very popular, Hampus Olsson has created an application for Android and iOS, Abstruct, which serves as a collection of his works. These can be viewed and set as wallpaper with a simple click and concern both OnePlus wallpapers and other characteristic images. But how does Abstruct work? Let's go and see it in detail!

How Abstruct works and how to set a OnePlus wallpaper

If you didn't know about the existence of Abstruct now you have discovered a valid tool both to have all the smartphone wallpapers OnePlus (In 4K) or to quickly change wallpaper according to your tastes. You don't necessarily have to be passionate about the Chinese brand to appreciate Olsson's abstract works.

How Abstruct works and how to download and set a OnePlus wallpaper in 4K on your smartphone (Android / iOS)

  1. Download the Abstruct app, available for both Android and iOS.

    The first step is obviously to download the official Hampus Olsson app, which can be downloaded for free for smartphones and tablets. You can proceed with the download for both Android devices (via the PlayStore) and iOS (via App Store).

  2. Choose the section dedicated to OnePlus.

    After downloading and installing Abstruct, open the app and scroll to the section dedicated to the official OnePlus wallpapers. It is a free category, while some of the following ones require a small Pro subscription. We repeat: this is NOT the case for OnePlus wallpapers, which can be downloaded for free.

  3. Choose your favorite wallpaper.

    Once inside the section dedicated to OnePlus official wallpapers you will find all the Hampus Olsson wallpapers for the brand's devices. It starts from the aforementioned OnePlus 2, up to the most recent models, also passing through the company's smart TVs.

  4. Set your new wallpaper.

    After choosing the image, click on it and in the new screen click on Wallpaper set present at the bottom left. In new window you will be asked to choose between Home Screen (to view the wallpaper on the home page), Lock Screen (to set the image in the unlock screen) or Both (to choose both options).

Once you have completed the procedure, the chosen OnePlus image will be set as the wallpaper for your smartphone. These are very simple steps, within the reach of even less experienced users. We also remind you once again that i wallpaper OnePlus they are free (even those of Paranoid Android and more, if you are interested) and can be used as many times as you want, without any limit.

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