How to backup WhatsApp and Telegram for phone change

How to backup WhatsApp and Telegram for phone change

Changing your smartphone can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are a novice tech user or don't have much experience using apps. Sometimes even a seemingly simple gesture can turn out to be complex: for this reason we have decided to create a series of basic guides, especially useful for beginners (or for those who need to refresh their memory). So let's see how to do the backup of the Message di WhatsApp and Telegram, So that the cultural, phone it's not a trauma.

WhatsApp and Telegram: here's how to back up your messages, so as not to lose anything when changing your phone

How to backup WhatsApp and Telegram for phone change

Before continuing we also point out another useful guide to enter the world of smartphones: thanks to our in-depth analysis you can transfer and synchronize the phonebook on any Android smartphone, in a flash. But now let's get to the point: a new smartphone means headaches, at least for inexperienced users. If you're having trouble with messaging apps, then let's see how to do the backup di WhatsApp and Telegram for a stress-free phone change.

Quick backup with WhatsApp and Telegram: here's how it works

  1. WhatsApp - How to backup

    Let's start with WhatsApp, one of the favorite messaging apps for users around the globe. First open the application, click on the three dots at the top right and open the Settings. Here you choose the item Chat and then Backup of chats. In the new window click on Backup to back up messages and media to Google Drive. Also, to never lose your messages, select Backup to Google Drive and choose Daily.

    When you install WhatsApp on board the new smartphone it will ask you to restore the backup: now you just have to wait for the operation to finish and you will find all the chats and messages.

  2. Telegram - How to backup

    As for Telegram, the speech is much simpler: unlike the rival application, in this case there is no manual backup. Telegram automatically saves all messages in the cloud, so by logging in from a new device you will immediately find all the chats and related messages.

    The other difference with WhatsApp concerns the media (photos): these will not be downloaded automatically but will still be visible in the respective chats. To download them, all you have to do is click on them so you can view them.

Now that we have seen like it works il backup of the most used messaging applications, we hope to have been of help and we salute you. The appointment is set with the next guide for newbies and forgetful tech enthusiasts!

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