Honor Magic V: no wrinkles on the display thanks to a special component

honor magic v display without bending motif

Honor magic v, among its many characteristics, it has that of having a with no real visible folds. But how does this happen? Through a very practical system that allows the device to keep a panel as smooth as possible.

Honor Magic V: a pop-up hinge allows you to keep the internal display smooth

honor magic v display without bends movito 02

The opening process of the Magic V is very similar to, for example, the OPPO Find N e Mate x2, with the hinge that allows you to open it as if it were a real book. But, unlike the other two devices, Honor's foldable has an extra component, which protects it when closed and makes it smooth when open.

It is a pop-up hinge, which rises when you go to open the smartphone. Specifically, it activates its action when it is fully opened. By holding the two sides of the panel firmly, this allows the display to have no real central creases, as you might find in some other foldables.

honor magic v display without bends motif 03

In addition, when it closes, the hinge retracts and therefore releases the pressure, allowing the Honor Magic V to have a greater protection in case of bumps or falls. And to prove this, George Zhao he made him fall to the ground voluntarily and in fact he came out unscathed.

This also explains a bit the very high prices and the prohibitive repair costs for this smartphone, because this type of systems involves very high investments and many of these remain purely patents. If you want to know more about it Honor magic v, we leave you thededicated in-depth study.

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