DERE MBook M11 debuts on Banggood with coupon: it will be your new favorite notebook!

Discount code DERE MBook M11

After the launch on the occasion of the Singles Day let's talk about DERE MBook M11, economical, complete and elegant notebook with an affordable price and which becomes even more convenient thanks to this new one code discount Banggood branded.

Discount code DERE MBook M11: how to save on the new cheap notebook

Discount code DERE MBook M11

Equipped with a lightweight metal body devoted to portability, DERE MBook M11 comes with a large display - from 15.6 " with Full HD resolution and 16: 9 ratio - and a good technical sector, based on the Intel Celeron processor N5095. Side memories we have well 12 GB of RAM DDR4 e 256 GB storage; as for the keyboard, it is a solution full size backlit, perfect for productivity. The battery is a unit of 29.6 Wh and there is a fingerprint reader, for maximum security. Finally we point out that the terminal is equipped with Windows 10 Pro.

Discount code DERE MBook M11

The new low cost notebook DERE MBook M11 debuts on Banggood, on offer with code discount and shipping directly from the store's European warehouses. Below you will find the link to the purchase and the coupon to use: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Shipping from EUROPE

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