The BlitzWolf smart air fryer is the perfect companion for your kitchen, at only 77 €

BlitzHome BH-AF2 Smart Air Fryer | Banggood

BlitzWolf returns to the charge with a new product dedicated to the kitchen and after the satisfactions of the first chapter, we are sure that fans will not fail to appreciate this novelty too: it is the smart air fryer BlitzHome BH-AF2, a complete and useful solution, available on offer with a discount code (practically at the same price as the first model) is shipping from Europe.

14 / 01 Update: the smart air fryer is back on sale at a super price and with EU shipping. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

BlitzHome BH-AF2 is BlitzWolf's new smart air fryer

As for the news of BlitzHome BH-AF2 we have various improvements in terms of design, practicality and cooking. As for capacity and power it comes down to 5L e 1.500 W, but the innovations introduced justify these changes. First we have a slightly renewed look, with more elegant lines; the most significant change of course concerns the inner basket. In fact, it is now much easier to wash, being composed of a single piece and a removable grate positioned on the bottom.

BlitzHome BH-AF2 Smart Air Fryer | Banggood

Moreover, thanks to technology Ash 2.0 it will be possible to obtain an even more efficient and uniform cooking, all with a low level of noisiness (reduced by 20%). To find out more, take a look at ours review (it is very useful for understanding the functions and capabilities of the device).

BlitzHome BH-AF2 Smart Air Fryer | Banggood

BlitzWolf's smart air fryer comes with the name BlitzHome BH-AF2 and back on offer on Banggood with lots of discount code dedicated and shipping directly from European warehouses of the store. Below you will find the link to the purchase and the coupon to use: if you do not see the box below correctly try to disable AdBlock.


Smart version - Shipping from EUROPE

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