Aufero Laser 2 review: the engraver to give vent to your creativity

In recent years, the fashion of home 3D printers and, today, we present a product that could arouse the same interest: a laser engraver and, more precisely, theAufero 2. Thanks to this product there is the possibility to work a multitude of materials, with engraving functionality, but also cutting, to give maximum vent to one's creativity. How did Aufero behave? Let's find out together.

Aufero Laser 2 review

Package contents and assembly

The laser engraver arrives in a cardboard box, completely disassembled and with all the necessary accessories for assembly. Despite this, it will be particularly easy to assemble the Aufero 2, taking about 20 minutes for complete assembly. Once these steps have been completed, the laser engraver is ready to use. In fact, you will only have to download the engraving software, available free for Windows and, in a one-month free trial for Mac.

How to use the Aufero Laser engraver 2

As we have already mentioned, the engraver of the brand offers the possibility to engrave on a wide range of surfaces, starting from simple printing paper, to metal. This variety of uses is given by the possibility of set the laser power from 0 to 100.

Precisely in this sense, in fact, you will have the possibility to use two different software to initialize the product:

light burn for Windows and MacOS;

GRBL Laser for Windows.

In this case, the first program available for both OSes is decidedly more complete and allows access to more features, however it is more complex in initial use and offers a one-month free trial, and then switches to a paid subscription. . The LaserBurn software allows both manual and automatic configuration: if you decide to use this application, however, we recommend the manual configuration, in which you only have to indicate the dimensions of the X and Y axis.

By entrusting you to GRBL Laser (available only for Windows) instead you will have a free software and also very simple and intuitive to use, but on the other hand you will not have access to the same features as the first. In case of first use, however, we advise you to rely on the first.

In practical terms, in both cases, you just need to load any type of image and the software will rework it to engrave it on the chosen material. In this case, the choice of power will be essential to obtain an optimal cut on the material. As an example, in fact, we have found that for the classic plywood, the engraver gives the best of himself set at 30% of power. Furthermore - as mentioned - the engraver is able to work on the following types of material: wood, acrylic, leather, metal, ceramic, paper, food, glass, aluminum and fabric.

Trial Program - Choose if the Aufero Laser 2 is for you

You are not entirely sure that the Aufero Laser 2 right for you? Don't worry, the brand has come up with a plan that will no longer make you doubt the purchase! Thanks to customer care, in fact, you will have the opportunity to send a request before purchasing. Basically, the company will do the printing for you, sending you a video of the final result, with the material you have chosen! How to do? Here are all the steps.

• Prepare the image you want to engrave;

• Highlight the type of engraver you would like to purchase;

• Choose material and dimensions;

• Send the request to;

• Enter "TEST" as the subject of the email;

• The dedicated team will send the test results.

Aufero Laser 2 - Price and conclusions

In which case is it worth buying an engraver? Well, let's say that given the price at which it is proposed, di about 240 €, it could be a purchase suitable to give vent to your imagination. As mentioned, in fact, the Aufero Laser 2 it can be used on any type of material, even for daily use. In short, our judgment in this sense is univocal: this engraver will make you entertain, and not poco!


Aufero laser engraver 2

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