Yeedi Vac Hybrid Review: at € 209 it's a GREAT CHOICE!

I admit, maybe I started a little biased when I got this Yeedi Vac Hybrid, above all because of its rather fierce price compared to the enormity of competing devices available online.

This is not the only model that the company produces, as in the product range you can find alternatives even for around 500 euros, but this Vac Hybrid (which is different from the Yeedi 2 hybrid who has already tried Dario) costs much less but offers, at the same time, a good user experience.

Yeedi Vac Hybrid Review

Design and Materials

The design of these robot vacuum cleaners no longer aims at the effect WOW as they are practically all identical to each other, without going around too much. The Yeedi Vac Hybrid is made entirely of polycarbonate, the finishes are opaque white which allows the device not to be a "dust collector", which happens instead with robots with glossy finishes.

What is striking in terms of design is the absence of the now classic turret TO DEAL, which translates into a pro as regards the height of the device which does not exceed 8.5cm (and therefore manages to fit almost anywhere) but also in a cons because, in my personal experience, I could notice a slightly lower accuracy compared to the turret, but let's dive into it in a bit.

Precisely because we do not find obvious differences with other models on the market, even on this one Yeedi Vac Hybrid there is a 450ml dirt container with relative filter under the top cover; next to him there is space for the power switch as well as the button for pairing the Wi-Fi network.

The container for the water is equal to 240ml, a value on par with the other products in the sector but perhaps a little underpowered if you think about the autonomy that this model is able to offer; if you use it in larger rooms, in fact, you will have a good autonomy for uninterrupted cleaning but unfortunately there will not be enough water to complete the wash. Patience.

Good wheels in polycarbonate too; honestly, to be honest, I would have preferred a rubber layer on the surface of the wheels to have a better grip on slightly smoother floors.

In the upper part, then, we find the classic rotating wheel to allow the robot to move easily; next to it there are the two magnetic attachments for the charging base, whose coupling with the robot is quite precise and practically never creates problems in the return phase of the vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, this model is compatible with the station of self-emptying by Yeedi; it is an option sold separately and is probably more expensive than the vacuum cleaner itself.

Application and Advanced Functions

I'll be honest, this yeedi's app isn't perhaps the most complete and best ever, but it does what it needs to without too many frills. The app is called “Yeedi”, you can find it on both the App Store and the Play Store, is translated into Italian (not perfectly, but more than understandable) and allows you to keep virtually everything under control.

The first start is quite simple, even if slightly different from most of the robots in circulation; here it will be necessary to communicate a QR Code to the robot and have it "memorize" it through the upper camera; the procedure is very fast and in less than 5 minutes the robot is ready for cleaning.

Small Fussy Notes: Before You Have One realistic map of the area you are cleaning it will be necessary to pass the robot 3-4 times (and this is a limitation of the yeedi, because the same thing happens even with the most expensive models of the company), after which you can create virtual barriers, exclude sone and so on.

It is also possible to program daily washes or with a personalized frequency; obviously there is no shortage of possibilities for adjusting the suction power, the water jet and much more.

The app as it happens with practically all the latest devices is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to be able to start the cleaning sessions with the voice.

Suction Power and Washing Quality

Lo Yeedi Vac Hybrid possesses an engine with a maximum suction capacity up to 2500Pa, a value that places it in the average of the other products on the market, but undoubtedly not among the most powerful (which very often reach 4000Pa of maximum power).

The robot is quite silent even at maximum power; it is also equipped with a single side rotating brush and not two as on slightly more expensive models. There suction process quality is good; I found it a bit slower than other products I have personally tested, but the idea I got is that the Yeedi Vac Hybrid goes over the same spot more than once to get a better result, this perhaps to compensate the lower power than similar products.

As mentioned before, the robot is also capable of washing your floor thanks to the accessory supplied in the package; the water tank is 240ml and is perhaps slightly underpowered compared to the large battery it is equipped with. The washing, however, is of good quality: as usual, good results are obtained if the device only has to do a "polishing" and not a real "degreasing", where the "manual method" for the moment always remains the more reliable.

Yeedi Vac Hybridmoreover, it is equipped with sensors for carpet detection and the anti-fall sensor. I didn't find it very accurate in obstacle detection: ok, it's true that I test these robots in really narrow spaces full of obstacles, but without the turret. TO DEAL in my opinion it is more difficult to map environments in a realistic way. De gustobus, obviously, also because those who buy a robot without a turret do so also for a matter of height which often, when LIDAR is present, prevents the passage in some areas.

Battery life

The Yeedi Vac Hybrid compared to it Yeedi 2 who tried Dario, has a lower battery in terms of autonomy; while the previous model had an autonomy of about 200 minutes, this Yeedi Vac Hybrid guarantees a battery life of about 110 minutes, which remains more than enough for cleaning rooms of about 80-100 square meters.

Price and Considerations

Yeedi Vac Hybrid has a list price of 299€ but if you are quick and interested in buying it you can buy it on Amazon at a discounted price of € 209 (valid until December 19), much more interesting for the potential that this robot vacuum cleaner offers.

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