Xiaomi 12 Pro disassembled: how is the new top of the range made

xiaomi 12 pro

The new models of the main series from Xiaomi are finally official - unfortunately, for now only in China. The event launch has revealed everything about the terminals but if you are curious to know more and to find out even more closely Xiaomi 12 Pro, then enjoy the disassembled flagship in this one video teardown!

Xiaomi 12 Pro: a video teardown shows us the secrets of the flagship

Very close to the presentation of the flagships, here it is Xiaomi 12 Pro it is already the subject of the first tests. We saw the device scrutinized in search of anomalies in temperatures and now we have a video teardown instead. In the clip we have an internal overview of Xiaomi 12 Pro and all the parts that make it up; the whole is arranged in a maniacal way, with a clear and easy to understand structure. The interior of the flagship has a sandwich structure, with three overlapping layers (once the back cover has been removed). But no more chatter, here is the video in question.

As for the temperatures, inside the smartphone we find a layer for heat dissipation, together with an additional copper foil and a 2900 mm VC system.2; all to ensure the correct functioning of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 and avoid overheating. However, for a complete and in-depth overview it is good to enjoy the video!

xiaomi 12 pro

Do you want to know everything (absolutely everything) about the Xiaomi 12 series? Then take a look at ours deepening dedicated and to comparison between the standard model and the Pro model. And if you want to get your hands on the new flagships, here it is where buy both devices!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of Xiaomi's new top of the range! Did you like the change of style and the innovations implemented by the Chinese house?

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