Xiaomi 12 will be inspired by the iPhone: word of Lei Jun

xiaomi 12

In these hours we have finally discovered the date of presentation of the new top series from Xiaomi. The CEO of the Chinese house also showed a picture of the front of the next ones Xiaomi 12 e Xiaomi 12 Pro, but what is most striking is the clear reference to Apple and to the last ones iPhone of the house in Cupertino!

Xiaomi wants to learn from Apple and the iPhone, starting with the new Xiaomi 12

Through a post published on Weibo, CEO Lei Jun announced with great fanfare that Xiaomi will begin to confront the rival directly. So far nothing new given that references to Cupertino have been wasted over the years. The real novelty is represented by the fact that Xiaomi this time wants to learn from Apple and your iPhones and will begin to do so starting from the Xiaomi 12 series. This is the gist of what we read on Weibo and the reason behind the design of the next top of the range.

xiaomi 12

The two smartphones will come with a large full screen display, interrupted only by a punch hole for the selfie camera. Obviously in this case we do not find anything from Cupertino, given that the latest models of the series iPhone 13 they are all equipped with notches (for Face ID). The novelty and inspiration to Apple is all in the size: Xiaomi 12 will be a flagship compact and small dimensions, perfect for users still in love with fu My 6. With Xiaomi 12 Pro we will instead have an all-round top model, the definitive premium experience: larger, equipped with a wider panel and - probably - with some technical differences (not yet specified).

The reference to Apple now becomes clear: it is the contrast between the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini (6.1" and 5.4 ″) and the 13 Pro Max model (from 6.7"). Recall that the 13 Pro adopts a 6.1 ″ panel instead. Will these be the dimensions of the displays of the next Xiaomi tops (or in any case a similar diagonal)?

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