Xiaomi 12: top charging also for the basic model

xiaomi 12 ultra mix 5 pro

Everything is ready for the presentation of one Xiaomi 12 which will lead the way for the new wave of next-gen top of the range. There is still confusion on the quantity of models, even if the most recent rumors speak of a triptych including 12 Pro and 12X. If instead you put all your curiosity on Xiaomi 12 Ultra, know that it may never arrive and here is the reason. Models and variants aside, it is almost superfluous to underline how the Xiaomi flagship continues to be the most talked about. Whenever a new smartphone from Lei Jun's company is ready to debut, there is not a day where a leak does not come up to tell us about it.

The Xiaomi 12 battery compartment will recharge even more quickly

And it is the same today, with the usual leaker Digital Chat Station returning to pronounce on the future of Xiaomi 12. His post on Weibo does not mention him directly, but by now we are used to his sibylline "tweets" (but not too much) . On this tour, the focus is on the battery compartment of the Xiaomi flagship: we assume that you are talking about the base model, having not specified anything. Also because it mentions an amperage from 4.500 mAh, slightly below the 4.600 mAh of its predecessor.

Slightly less battery, therefore, but Xiaomi 12 would gain faster charging, going from the respectable 55W to the most performing 67W. And as the leaker always specifies, this power should also be repeated by the support wireless, thus being able to benefit from it even without wires. Virtually the same support we saw on the Xiaomi 11 Pro / Ultra, capable of charging at 67W in both modes.

xiaomi 12 battery charging

Unlike last year, this time the increased Xiaomi 12 Pro would go further in terms of battery and charging. There is talk of a capacity from 5.000 mAh but above all a recharge a 120W: find all the information in the dedicated article.

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