vivo announces OriginOS Ocean: news and compatible models

vivo origins ocean

Apparently there won't be any OriginOS 2, as previously rumored: in its place, vivo announced the presentation of OriginOS ocean. Apparently the name changes, but not the substance, that is, the fact that it is the first major update after the work of rebranding of Funtouch OS. In any case, this is the new version of the proprietary interface that moves smartphones at home vivo and iQOO. At least in the mother country, since the company confirmed that this UI will remain exclusive to Asia.

vivo officially presents OriginOS Ocean: here are all the news

With the new major update OriginOS Ocean, smartphones vivo introduce a UI with smoother and more natural animations, icons with rounder lines and a system of Customization for equally configurable size and folder organization. Furthermore, having embraced the dynamic theme system of Android 12 allows the interface to take advantage of the colors of the backgrounds to color the various elements on the screens. When it comes to customization, the Ocean Live Wallpaper, some of which were created in collaboration with the Star Trek special effects team.

In addition to the home, with the update also comes the Origin Cover, the new lock screen with shortcuts, faster contactless payments and the ability to quickly launch apps by dragging your fingerprint across the screen. The "Nano Notifications" (small pills shown on the screen) have also been updated, more optimized and with support for a greater number of apps.

The control center, now with more information on battery, connectivity and permissions management for privacy and security. In this regard, with OriginOS Ocean the use of camera, microphone and GPS position is notified in real time, so that the user can intervene in case of need. With a swipe to the left from the dock at the bottom and biometric unlocking, then, you access a private space where you can contain private files.

vivo he also thought about the use of the mode multi-window: Just a swipe up from the bottom left corner to resize the app on the screen in a smaller window. This window can then be dragged to start split-screen mode. For the system apps, the Nano Music music player is renewed, now piloted in a more discreet way with a simple icon on the lock screen, and the Nano Notes app.

vivo origins ocean

OriginOS Ocean has introduced a dynamic screen for incoming calls, with a different screen if a contact in the phonebook or an unknown number is calling. Emergency calls are also improving, with more information being sent to better safeguard the user who needs it. The update improves the app Camera, adding gesture and multi-function ring to adjust stabilization, focus and exposure.

With regard to performance, OriginOS Ocean implements memory reduction and optimization technologies to reduce unnecessary processes and save storage space. Another novelty is called Quantum Kit for communication between devices, in order to facilitate the transfer of files in the ecosystem.

vivo origins ocean

Compatible models

Here is the official roadmap for the release of the OriginOS Ocean on the various models vivo and compatible iQOOs:

  • 30th December
    • vivo X70, X70 Pro, X70 Pro +, X60 Curved Screen, X60 Pro, X60 Pro +, X60t Pro +
    • vivo S10, S10 Pro, S9
    • iQOO 8, 8 Pro, 7
  • January 2022
    • vivo X60, X60t
    • iQOO 5, 5 Pro
    • iQOO Neo 5, Neo 5 Vitality
    • iQOO Z5, Z5x
  • February / March 2022
    • vivo NEX 3S
    • vivo X50, X50 Pro, X50 Pro +, X30, X30 Pro
    • vivo S10e, S9e, S7, S7t, S6
    • vivo T1
  • April 2022
    • vivo Y76s, Y71t, Y53s
    • vivo S7e, S7e Active
    • vivo Z6
    • vivo T1x
    • Article 3
    • iQOO Neo 3
    • iQOO Z3, Z1, Z1x
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