Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo review: the smart washer-dryer that becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner is truly BRILLIANT

That this is the golden age of washer-dryer vacuum cleaners is a fact. Especially in the last year, many people have decided to put the world of cyclonic vacuum cleaners aside in favor of those that run on water and that also (really) clean the floor, and not just for their 2-in function. -1, but above all for a simpler management of the sucked up dirt which, with water, is really very easy to trash.

And despite being one of these people, I have always stressed that the world of scrubbing vacuum cleaners is definitely full of compromises. You want for the constraint of the relative capacity of the water containers, or for the versatility of these products which are basically usable only on the floor.

Well, in the whole washer-dryer market there is only one company that has really managed to carry on the evolution of these particular products and it is precisely the one that, in a certain sense, has bet on it first: Tineco.

Because if with its very good Tineco Floor One S5 the brand has introduced a solution to the problem of the capacity of water tanks, it is with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo which has proven to have an edge and to know (and want to overcome) all the limits of these products:S5 Combo is the first 2-in-1 quick-change washer-dryer that can not only function as a traditional device, but can also be transformed into a real handheld vacuum cleaner.

Review Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo: the smart washer-dryer that becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner is truly ingenious


As well as all the company's products, even the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo it is sold with a package full of accessories, aesthetically well cared for and almost compact. Inside we find:

  • Tineco Floor One S5 Combo;
  • Replacement brush
  • Deodorant and detergent solution;
  • Additional HEPA filter;
  • 3 in 1 cleaning tool;
  • Charging and washing base;
  • HEPA support to attach to the base;
  • Accessory holder to attach to the base;
  • Power supply;
  • Base for handheld vacuum cleaner accessories;
  • Dirty container vacuum cleaner;
  • Nozzles for handheld vacuum cleaners;
  • Instruction manual.

Design and materials

From a stylistic point of view, the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo it does not differ much from the traditional version but, despite the water technology which generally requires rather bulky bodies, in reality it is a decidedly more compact and light product. It weighs 3.8 kg unlike the 4.5 kg of its older brother and the structure is all in all similar, except for the "transformation" system that allows it to become a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. This compactness, however, required a general reduction of all components: starting from the battery, up to the water containers, the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo it looks like a miniaturized version of the traditional S5.

In fact, to make its dual use possible, the company has taken a small step back on the (big) step forward made with the S5 line, bringing the capacity of the clean water and dirty water containers back to the usual 0.5 L and 0.45L, thus making them practically identical to those present in the vast majority of competitor models.

What any other scrubber vacuum cleaner does not have, however, is the mechanism for disassembling the suction motor which, once detached from the main structure, can be connected to an additional dirt container and used as a portable handheld vacuum cleaner to which two extensions can be connected. typical of these products.

What is really missing, however, is an extension with a traditional motorized brush, which would allow it to be used as a normal vacuum cleaner. In short, the point is this: for the floor the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo it must necessarily be used with the water configuration, for everything else it can be used in the handheld vacuum configuration.

In the rear area of ​​the body, a button has been inserted with which you can deactivate the integrated voice assistant, which among other things speaks Italian, and activate the WiFi for connection to the Tineco application: let's face it, this is not the case. the function that revolutionizes the user experience, but is a good way to keep under control the status of the recharge and any problems related to the filters or mechanics of the vacuum cleaner.

A slightly less "advanced" display than the one we find in the S5 has been inserted at the top, with which you can still keep all the information relating to cleaning and the battery under control, including the automatic suction power.

In any case, the motorized brush is not replaceable and certainly will not allow the use of the floor cleaning vacuum cleaner with angles close to 180 °, but its solid and well-designed structure will prevent water leaks from the tanks and the washing circuit. : when you use the vacuum cleaner, despite the fact that water is sprayed under pressure on the floor, you will never, ever find puddles of water.

Suction and washing

use the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo it is very simple, whether you use it as a traditional washer-dryer or use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner. In the first configuration, just fill the container with clean water, which can also be enriched with the perfumed detergent included in the package, hold it and press the start button.

And you will have the same simplicity if you want to use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner: just extract the motor, connect it to the accessories and press the start button. Also in this case there are two suction modes but, in my opinion, it is always advisable to use it in the automatic mode, with which the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo it will independently manage the suction power (and the amount of water used) based on the dirt detected on the floor thanks to the iLoop sensor.

The performance of the motorized brush is almost identical, as is its improved ability to clean the edges, which allows the device to vacuum without problems even near skirting boards and furniture.

But regardless of the cleaning mode used (I, for safety, I always use the maximum one), in these days of testing with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 combo I found myself very well: how does it behave during the vacuuming and washing of the floors? In the same excellent way to which the company has accustomed us with its other products. And the same quality is undoubtedly also found in the handheld vacuum cleaner mode, although in this case a note is a must: although the device guarantees good suction power, in the handheld vacuum cleaner mode it is a tad under the performance that you would have with a cyclonic vacuum cleaner. traditional type. But, in my opinion, it is the right compromise to pay for a product that really vacuums and washes floors, and that can also be used in other ways.

Even with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo then, once you have finished cleaning the floors and positioned the device on the floor charging base, just press a single button to start the automatic cleaning system: in a few moments it will start to self-clean, and will do so using the water, in order to eliminate any residual dirt. My advice is to use this mode at the end of each wash and, above all, to wash the clean water container well when it will no longer be used to avoid the formation of unpleasant odors.

Smart apps and functions

In a completely similar way to the older brother, also the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo integrates a voice assistant with which all the most important information will be communicated which, among other things, can also be configured in Italian through the Tineco app, available for both Android and iOS.

The pairing with the app takes place via the WiFi module integrated in the device, it is very simple and will take a maximum of 2 minutes. From here on you can check the state of charge of the battery, the state of clean and dirty water, change the voice or start the automatic cleaning if the vacuum cleaner has been placed on the charging base.

Battery life

As I have already anticipated, with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo the company also had to take a small step back in terms of battery capacity. The reason is probably the need to make the device lighter and more manageable for use as a handheld vacuum cleaner, but in this model the cleaning autonomy drops from about 30 minutes of use that you would have with the 4000 mAh of the traditional S5, to about 20 minutes of cleaning in auto vacuum mode.

Price and considerations

The sale price of Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo is 449,00 euros on Amazon, therefore lower than that of the traditional S5. A product that we liked very much, from which the 2-in-1 model inherits all the constructive qualities and the operating principle, enriching it with the possibility of transforming itself into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Of course, it does so with a price to pay especially in terms of tank capacity, which means that for large rooms it will certainly happen that you have to empty the dirty water and fill up the clean water, but if you need to buy a washer-dryer that guarantees excellent floor cleaning and also allows the suction of crumbs and dust on furniture, in the car, etc. Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo is the only (very good) option available.

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