SuperEQ Q2 Pro review: earphones with ANC under 60 euros

Super EQ Q2 Pro

In the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to try many products One hate, which amazed us for their incredible quality / price ratio. For this reason we have decided to further explore its ecosystem of products and, although it is not explicitly stated in the name, these Super EQ Q2 Pro they are part of it.

In fact, SuperEQ is a company owned by the Chinese brand One hate who wants to focus primarily on a youth target offering cutting-edge products within everyone's reach. So this time we focus on gods Bluetooth headset with active noise cancellation. How did they behave during our tests? Let's find out together in the full review.

SuperEQ Q2 Pro review

Unboxing - SuperEQ Q2 Pro

The sales package is made of turquoise hardcover and inside there is the following equipment:

  • SuperEQ Q2 Pro;
  • charging houses;
  • 2 pairs of additional rubbers of different sizes;
  • USB cable - USB Type-C for charging;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

The charging case has an elongated and rather compact shape, which is made of opaque plastic well made and with a good magnetic closure system that does not show particular uncertainties. On the front it has 3 status LEDs, while on the back we find only the USB Type-C input for charging.

- earphones have a rounded shape and although they may seem bulky, once inserted into the ears they will not be so showy and will turn out to be very comfortable even after several hours of use.

Among other things, thanks to solid construction in opaque polycarbonate and at IPX5 certification, Super EQ Q2 Pro they will be able to withstand splashes of water such as sweat and rain. I also tried them during the race and I must say that if you use the right size rubber pads they will remain firmly in the ear.

The surface is soft touch and the following features are supported:

  • Long press on right or left: Normal mode / Transparency / Active noise cancellation / Reject calls;
  • Single tap on left or right: Play / Pause / Answer calls / End call;
  • Double tap on the left: Previous track;
  • Double tap on the right: Next track;
  • Triple tap on left or right: Voice assistant.

Unfortunately it is not possible to raise or lower the volume directly from the earphones, but apart from this detail I must say that the commands are received very well and with great precision.

Connectivity and calls

Le Super EQ Q2 Pro can enjoy the presence of the Bluetooth 5.2, this means improved connectivity and latency to a minimum. In fact, as regards the latter, in watching films or videos there will be no delay between images and sounds, while in gaming there is a slight gap, negligible if you are playing casual titles.

The connection, on the other hand, remains firmly up to 10 meters away without obstacles and in everyday use it will be quick and easy to connect the earphones to the smartphone, as you just need to open the case and they will connect automatically.

As for the calls, the microphones perform very well in isolated and quiet situations such as in the office or at home, as the captured audio is clean and understandable. In slightly more chaotic contexts, such as on the metro, the sound is less crystalline, but still manages to get enough.

Audio quality

Nothing to say about the audio quality of these SuperEQ Q2 Pro, because thanks to the 12 mm drivers we can enjoy a very high volume and a balanced frequency balance. In fact, the sound is beautifully loaded, clean and i full-bodied bass, but at the same time they don't want to overbalance and guarantee a good presence of highs and mids.

Then activating the hybrid active noise cancellation you will be able to enjoy greater isolation, as all environmental noises will be reduced up to 35dB. However we also find the Transparency mode, which will use the microphones to amplify external noises during music playback. This is usually used when practicing outdoor sports, as it allows us to remain alert to what is happening around us.

Super EQ Q2 Pro

To conclude this chapter, I personally found the Super EQ Q2 Pro suitable for all contexts, both for the gym thanks to their ability to emphasize the bass for hip-hop songs to give me the right energy, and in daily listening to relax or to concentrate during work. Then I also add their goodness in watching movies because they allow us to immerse ourselves completely in the scene.


Under the shell of the Super EQ Q2 Pro we find a battery from 55 mAh for each headset e 370 mAh for the case. Obviously the autonomy depends on the type of use and the listening mode (whether with ANC or without), but in general I got excellent results:

  • ANC off and volume at 70%: about 10 hours of continuous listening, 40 hours if we also consider the additional refills given by the case;
  • ANC active and volume at 70%: about 7 hours of continuous listening, 28 / 30 hours with the case.
Super EQ Q2 Pro

Once inserted inside the case, the earphones will take about 1 hour to recharge, while the case will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Conclusions - SuperEQ Q2 Pro

In short, these Super EQ Q2 Pro they have not betrayed expectations because they are Bluetooth headphones with a great audio, characterized by an incisive bass presence, as well as by a very good autonomy and an active noise cancellation not to be underestimated.

All this is then made even more attractive by the price, as they are available on the official store of the company a dollars 59.99, or approximately 53 €, but thanks to our discount code "MORE20" it will be possible to discount them by 20% arriving at just 42.50 €.

In short, at these prices it is difficult to ask for more, especially if we take into account that among the many features there is also the much desired ANC even on the lower market segments!


SuperEQ Q2 Pro - Official Store

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42.50 €

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

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Ease of use
Audio quality
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