Sonos Sub Mini getting closer? The company does not deny

sonos sub mini compact subwoofer features leak

Over time we have come to know Sonos as one of the companies more attentive to home audio but also to sound in general through its products. Its famous Sub subwoofers are among the most renowned on the market, but what if we could have a more compact model? And that's what it is Sonos has in mind with the possible Sub Mini, unveiled by mistake from the dedicated application.

Updating 09/12: Sonos has been urged about the compact subwoofer in the program, keeping a very explanatory silence. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

Sonos Sub Mini: Will the Small Subwoofer Coming Soon?

sonos sub mini compact subwoofer features leak 2

How did we come to the discovery of this possible new subwoofer? The name of Sonos Sub Mini came out ofS2 application, promptly reported by a user on Reddit, in the sense in which the addition of a second woofer to the audio system was required. And it turns out that the Mini model is not compatible with this function.

But how is the alleged Sub Mini presented? From the description of the application itself, we have compact measures and with cylindrical shapes, therefore certainly more conceived as a stand-alone device almost like a Bluetooth speaker than a real subwoofer.

And for the power? We expect a model that can have a power around 20W, but with all the smart connections that Sonos models use. Maybe we can think of it almost as a home version of Sonos roam.

Unfortunately, we do not know when this Sonos Mini could arrive, but it is clear that it will be a very interesting product in terms of audio and not to be underestimated given its small size.

Sonos is hard at work on the Sub Mini, but not unbalanced | Update 09/12

After the various leaks that came out of the app S2, the rumors on the Sub Mini di Sonos they become more and more frequent. So, they went to solicit the company in order to understand what the plans are regarding the alleged small subwoofer. Seraphs the brand's response, which does not deny but does not throw itself off balance: "We are always working to create a constantly evolving listening experience for all of our customers, but we have nothing to declare about products coming out in the near future.". In short, something is boiling in the pot, but we will have to wait a little longer, when the time for this product will actually be ripe.

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