Realme GT 2 Pro will have the widest wide-angle sensor on the market

realme gt 2 pro wide angle camera details

Fewer and fewer details separate us from the presentation of the new Realme flagships. This time it's the turn of the camera di Realme GT2 Pro, which appears to be taking advantage of the wide-angle sensor largest ever integrated into a smartphone.

Realme GT 2 Pro: the wide-angle sensor this time will be really Ultra

To announce this interesting feature of the camera sector of the upcoming top range Realme was the brand itself, which through Madhav Sheth stated how GT2 Pro is the first to use an ultra-wide-angle sensor with a field of view from 150°, which is practically the most ever seen on the market.

This leads Realme to take a further step forward in the creation of smartphones, which in the GT 2 series is really seeing giant steps. In fact, in addition to the more powerful chipset, the materials more valuable, we wanted to pay close attention to what is there camera, even going a little to justify the rise in prices.

In any case, we will understand more of all photo sensors of Realme GT2 Pro the next December 20 2021, when the brand will finally raise the curtain on the new range. To find out more about the GT 2 series, we leave you ours dedicated in-depth study.

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