Realme GT 2 Pro will have 3 innovations for design, camera and connectivity

really gt 2 pro

The event of Realme GT2 Pro, but in reality, more than a presentation we have to talk about previews, a taste of what will be. The event ended with a laconic “Coming Soon”, without letting us know when the actual official presentation will take place. Although the smartphone was not shown to us, on stage we only talked about technology and innovation, revealing what will be its aces up its sleeve.

In the past we have talked about the Dual Flagship Strategy with which Realme wants to attack the high-end smartphone market. Realme GT 2 Pro is defined by the company as its own first premium flagship, therefore we expect a smartphone without particular sacrifices. And you know, a premium flagship can not only have a powerful SoC or an advanced screen, but offer a complete 360 ​​° experience. Furthermore, true premium flagships usually offer the public something they cannot find elsewhere.

Here are the three innovations of Realme GT 2 Pro

Design and packaging

In the case of Realme GT 2 Pro, this "something" will be divided into three categories. The first is that of the look, although the smartphone has not yet been shown to us. We know well what Realme has done in the past in collaboration with the designer Naoto Fukasawa, also known for his works with the Muji chain. We remember Realme X Master Edition in the Onion and Garlic variants, X2 Pro Master Edition in those Brick and Cement and finally GT Master Edition and its particular suitcase-like polycarbonate texture. And after having explored materials such as lacquered glass and eco-leather, what is called "Paper Tech“, That is“ paper-inspired technology ”. Who knows what it will be specifically.

In this regard, both Realme GT 2 Pro and its sales package will be more environmentally friendly. The smartphone will be the first in the world to have a bio-based design, made in partnership with SABI. From this collaboration a telephone was born that will consist of bio-polymers, derived from materials such as fallen leaves and paper pulp, the production of which involves a reduction of CO2 up to 63% per kg compared to traditional polymers. As for the packaging, it will only consist of 0,3% plastic and with prints made in soy ink.

really gt 2 pro


From design we move on to the camera, another sector that Realme has explored with its previous top of the range. In particular Realme X3 SuperZoom, which for the first time has the Starry Mode function, but also Realme 8 Pro and its Tilt-Shift Time-lapse and Starry Time-lapse video modes. After introducing the first 64 MP camera on a smartphone in 2019 and a telephoto lens with 60x zoom in 2020, with the Realme GT 2 Pro the focus shifts to the sensor wide-angle lens.

For the first time on a smartphone, the Realme flagship will use a sensor with FoV from 150 °, the largest ever seen so far. This will allow him to take photos with an even broader perspective, + 20% compared to the 128 ° of Xiaomi 11 Ultra. But that's not all: this type of sensor allows the introduction of a real one for the first time Fisheye mode. You know those circular photos taken with action cameras? Here, this will be one of the possibilities granted by the Realme GT 2 Pro camera.


Finally, Realme has focused on the experience of using the smartphone in the connectivity phase, whether we are talking about gaming or not. When a smartphone fails to maintain a stable signal, not only is there a risk of not navigating well, but also of straining the hardware, thus increasing temperatures and decreasing autonomy. For this, various technologies have been implemented on Realme GT 2 Pro to solve these problems.

First of all, the smartphone is the first to have technology Ultra Wide Band HyperSmart Antenna Switching. A rather long name but basically means the global 5-band 48G support and integration of 12 antennas scattered around the body. In this way, no matter how you handle it, your smartphone will be able to receive the signal adequately. Realme studied 8 scenarios (train station, airport, subway, concert, elevator, university, underground parking and concert) and optimized the signal accordingly. All these technologies allow the signal to have a power increase of up to 3 dB and a doubled speed.

Other than that, Realme GT 2 Pro enjoys a symmetrical design for the Wi-Fi antenna, returning an omni-directional signal without any occlusions. This arrangement of the antennas allows an improvement in the stability of the Wi-Fi up to 20%. Also, Realme GT 2 Pro will include support WiFi 6 Enhanced, with intelligent switch between Dual SIM and Wi-Fi, Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration and 5G / Wi-Fi Overlay.

Finally, Realme GT 2 Pro will also be equipped with 360 ° NFC, that is, an NFC system equipped with a triple antenna. A technology that increases the sensitivity area by 500%: just bring the smartphone closer from any side to make the connection.

really gt 2 pro

These are the technologies that will characterize Realme GT 2 Pro, of which at this point all that remains is to wait for the actual official presentation. In any case, if you are curious to find out how it will be done there is a dedicated article with images and specifications.

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