Official OxygenOS 12: all the news and compatible OnePlus models

oneplus oxygenos 12

After the program starts Open Beta, OnePlus officially presented its new OxygenOS 12. An important update, not only for the news it brings with it, but also because it is the first since the company has been joined with OPPO. The merger triggered the creation of increasingly similar software between the two companies. As for OxygenOS 12 and ColorOS 12 remain two separate UIs, they begin to notice more and more similarities between the two. That said, let's see what changes we will see on future smartphones and on existing ones and which will be updated.

OnePlus and OxygenOS 12: all the news announced

Interface and performance

With the update to OxygenOS 12, OnePlus smartphones have a renewed look in the software, with simplified and refined visual elements. The UI accentuates the effects of lights and shadows, with cleaner lines and geometric shapes and rounded icons instead of circular ones, precisely in ColorOS style, a similarity that we also find in the new graphic customization menus.

OnePlus claims that with the OxygenOS 12 the user experience is more stable and smooth, as well as with better autonomy and data privacy. An AI system booster has been added and the Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 to improve animations and feedback.

Private Safe

The new Private Safe mode allows OnePlus smartphone owners to have one private screen where to keep pictures, videos, audio, documents and sensitive files safe.

oneplus oxygenos 12

Zen mode

With the new update, the Zen mode is also updated, to which 5 new themes and music for relaxation have been added.

oneplus oxygenos 12

Shelf and OnePlus Scout

The section Shelf becomes even richer, with many customizable options and integration with OnePlus Watch and Buds. As for the function Scout - which now debuts globally after India - this is an enhanced version of the search bar. This allows you to quickly find anything on your smartphone (documents, contacts, music, web information, etc.), complete with a voice search function.

oneplus oxygenos 12

OnePlus Notes

The application Footnotes change style and gain support for the Drawing function, to draw and make quick sketches or notes. In addition, new RTF options and the ability to pin notes in Shelf have been added for quicker access.

oneplus oxygenos 12

Work Life Balance 2.0

The functionality Work Life Balance 2.0 allows you to easily switch between app notification profiles based on time, location or Wi-Fi. You can set up a work account to reduce distractions; Favorite apps can only be allowed during breaks, so you are in complete control and work (or study) at peak concentration.

oneplus oxygenos 12

Dark Mode 2.0

The new version of Dark Mode gains support for 3 levels of adjustment, so you can choose your preferred mode between a gray background in two shades or a completely black one.

oneplus oxygenos 12

2.0 Canvas

The Canvas 2.0 feature of theAlways-On Display becomes even more precise thanks to new optimizations: new colors and more customizations and an improved final effect. There is also with the option to remove the strokes that were not made correctly.

oneplus oxygenos 12

Integration with OnePlus Watch

Given its entry into the world of smartwatches, with OxygenOS 12 there is a better integration with Oneplus watch. Once paired with your smartphone, you can take advantage of its display for satellite navigation, controls for music on Spotify and sync with alarms.

oneplus oxygenos 12 oneplus watch


With the OxygenOS 12 the Gallery app has also been modified, now able to automatically arrange photos with a dynamic layout with a more attractive graphic appearance. Of course, there remains the possibility to explore the albums with the standard style.

oneplus oxygenos 12


OnePlus improves the gaming sector, optimizing tactile feedback and the Tool Box 2.0 suite with various features for your gaming sessions. These include real-time on-screen performance data display, screen recorder and a voice modifier with various audio filters.

oneplus oxygenos 12

Compatible models

Below is the list of OnePlus smartphones that will officially receive the update to the OxygenOS 12:

OnePlus 9Released
OnePlus 9 ProReleased
One Plus 9RReleased
OnePlus 8TReleased
OnePlus 8Released
OnePlus 8 ProReleased
OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T Pro
OnePlus 7
OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus North 2
OnePlus North
OnePlus North CE
OnePlus Nord N200
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