OPPO thinks about the flagship of the future: Find X4 Pro, is that you?


Although over the past few weeks we have had both rumors and confirmations regarding the brand's next top series, at the moment there are still no details on the design. However, a recently approved patent shows us a very respectable top of the range, with "futuristic"But plausible for 2022: be it the next OPPO FIND X4 PRO?

An OPPO patent shows a complete and "futuristic" top of the range: is it Find X4 Pro?


The patent in question was filed on 1 September 2020 and approved on December 14 2021, in the database of the world body WIPO. The documentation also includes 18 rendered images, which reveal the design of a high-end device that represents a small concentrate of technology. Observing the nature of the device, one immediately thinks of OPPO FIND X4 PRO, given that the Find series represents the top of the top of the Chinese house (but also the range more open to experimentation). There is no confirmation, so we will necessarily have to wait to find out more. As for the patented smartphone we are struggling with a terminal equipped with a large display Quad Curves, having a camera under the display.


The tech goodies do not end there: on the back there is space one Quad Camera square and next to it a Second Display of the same size. The panel allows you to view the time and date, notifications and can be used for spring Selfie with the main sensor. At the moment the most recent top of the range with rear display is Xiaomi mi 11 ultra, while the Chinese rival has not yet launched such a solution. Than the next OPPO FIND X4 PRO is the right occasion?

The Find range is the perfect range to experiment with such a design, but of course that's just a guess. What do you think of it? Would you like an OPPO flagship with this style?

In the meantime, if you're interested in finding out all the details leaked so far about the Find X4 family, take a look to our dedicated study!

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