Lemorele Hub 7 in 1 review: many ports and great versatility

lemorele hub 7 in 1 usb review

When buying a notebook, especially in the non-professional segment, there is a need for support for the various necessary doors. And precisely for this reason, the proliferation of the USB hub it is a direct consequence. There are many types and above all for every type of cost, but it is clear that you can also make sure that you can buy a good one without spending a lot. This will be the case with the Lemorele Hub 7 in 1, which we have tried for some time and have made a review of.

Lemorele Hub 7 in 1 review

lemorele hub 7 in 1 usb review 1

Package Contents

What does the package of this Lemorele hub? To tell the truth, we are faced with a very simple bachelor, since there is nothing else besides the product itself, but this need not worry you: everything you need is included in the hub and therefore you do not need anything else. Very nice the stickers and the bookmark that the brand has inserted, certainly give color to the whole context.

Design and materials

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Il design it looks well blended for what it offers. What we mean specifically is, having well 7 integrated ports, including that Gigabit Ethernet on the side, it does not risk looking bulky, quite the contrary. It is not small, but it is easily transportable and it is also due to its own lightness, which we can define as an advantage for this product.

In addition, a lot of materials do it, starting with patina in aluminum that envelops the entire structure, which makes it elegant and above all gives that professional touch that matches the context to which it is dedicated. The door area, on the other hand, is made of polycarbonate. The cable that ends in the exit Type-C it is made of an excellent rubberized material, but it is perhaps a bit stiff.

Functionality and performance

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To talk about what the Lemorele hub offers, we need to start from what it is. It is our access to data transfer, whether they are Storage or connection and, thanks to its variety of ports, which allow the user to have a very complete work and study experience. But what are the doors it uses?

First of all, we start from what are the main ports, that is the USB 3.0 inputs: we have two and they are certainly a convenience, in case you need both an input to insert Flash memories, and to insert supports such as keyboards, mice and other accessories for PC. But how do they behave in terms of reading and writing? The performances are certainly in line with the price range in which it is placed, because we have a score of approx 52/55 MB / s up to a maximum of approx 60 MB / s for keys USB 3.0, this both in reading and writing, but we also have average results with USB 2.0 keys, which returned us about 4 MB / s in writing and about 17.8/20 MB / s in reading. The result has certainly satisfied us, as it is in line with expectations.

lemorele hub 7 in 1 usb-3 review

Moving on to the rest of the ports, let's move on to the other fundamental input, namely the RJ45 Ethernet one. It guarantees us up to 1 Gbps for the wired connection, but in reality, via connection LAN Fastweb, we managed to get to approx 700 Mbps in download and approx 300 Mbps upload, but there is an excuse: it has been tested in an environment where at least twenty devices are connected, many of which are connected 5 GHz. All in all the connection never seemed like a problem with this hub.

lemorele hun review 7 in 1-6

Going then into the detail of the only Type-C input (the fact that it is one is not a defect, also because nothing is missing), we can be satisfied with regard to the charging context. We were able to reload with one poco time not only the Windows notebook (about 65W) and the MacBook (91W) on which we tested it, but also mobile devices such as a smartphone with support for maximum charging of 65W and iPad Pro M1, which we can say can be very useful if this becomes our primary laptop on the go. The usefulness of the Type-C input, however, is not related to charging only, but guarantees us at least one additional slot of the same type on a notebook in which, in case, another additional hub or other necessary accessory is needed.

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What about the entrance instead HDMI? We tested it on one Samsung 4K smart TV and we must say it held up without any problem with frequency a 30 Hz. We used it to stream a movie we had on the MacBook Pro and we have to say we didn't have any glitches in viewing. Too bad for the 60 Hz, but maybe we were asking too much.

Last, but certainly not the least for those who work in the world of photography and video editing, the entrances for TF cards e MicroSD. The Lemorele hub did not perform badly in our test with a card Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS-I da 64 GB Samsung, giving us results very similar to those of USB 3.0, that is about 45/48 MB / s for writing and about 50 MB / s for reading. In summary, we can summarize that it does its job without worries.

Lemorele Hub 7 in 1 review - Price and conclusions

After all these tests, what can we say, in conclusion, about the Lemorele hub? We appreciated, without a doubt, the convenience of having 7 ports practically at hand, allowing us to work seamlessly and above all it has expanded our possibilities of expanding the necessary accessories (and this is certainly thanks to the additional Type-C input). Did we expect more from the write speed of the USB ports? In reality, looking at the target it is aimed at, we did not expect more, but it should not be seen as a Malus. 

Very often, the products of the same category promise the Moon without, however, returning results that are actually satisfactory. Instead, this product does its thing and guarantees what is asked of it and that is what matters. What pleased us most is certainly the connection stability guaranteed by the port Gigabit Ethernet, given that (referring back to what was said above) sometimes the connection on other devices does not even arrive, while here it is fast and constant. In short, if you need to be able to spend under the €50 for this type of accessories, the Lemorele Hub is for you.

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