GizAwards 2021: the best smartphones of the year!

After sifting through vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner e electric bikes it's time for our main dish GizAwardsI best smartphone of 2021! Like every year, these last few days are the perfect time to take stock and find out which were the best terminals that have accompanied us throughout this journey. The GizAwards awards were awarded based on multiple criteria, including i GizChoice: these are the devices that satisfied us the most and that were able to give us a lot of "chills" (in a positive sense!) during our tests. In short, we are talking about tried and tested products that we particularly liked! But now stop the chatter and let's find out what the best smartphone of the year for us of!

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The best smartphones of 2021: here are our GizAwards!

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Best camera

Our champion in photographic performance is Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the top of the top of the latest flagship series. When it comes to Samsung, the Asian manufacturer's attention to the photographic sector is known: in this case, the 108 + 12 + 10 + 10 MP module on board the flagship proved to be a winner and able to take noteworthy shots. A complete package, complete with a wide angle (FOV 120 °), two telephoto lenses (with 3x and 10x zoom, maximum up to 100x) and laser autofocus.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  3. Xiaomi Mi 11

In second position we obviously have him, OPPO FIND X3 PRO: champion of style, powers and… could he never be mentioned for the photographic sector? A beast through and through! In third position we find the smartphone of the rescue for Xiaomi: the manufacturer has made giant steps in the photographic field and has given us a top of the range that knows its stuff. Xiaomi Mi 11 it represents a goal but also the foundations for the future: it is a device with great photographic capabilities, with a brand behind it that continues to invest heavily in this aspect.


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