GizAwards 2021: the best robot vacuum cleaners of the year!

GizAwards 2021 best robot vacuum cleaners

The year is drawing to a close and it is time to do the math and find out which were the best products. In short, it is time for the GizAwards 2021 and it's time to crown the best robot vacuum cleaner of the year! Who will be the true champion of intelligent cleaning?

The best robot vacuum cleaners of 2021: here are our GizAwards!

best robot vacuum cleaners 2021

That of robot vacuum cleaner it is now a large and consolidated sector, dotted with well-known names. There are many Chinese brands that have been able to offer economic and complete solutions or leading products at affordable prices. More and more users have decided to rely on a robot and the reason is soon said: zero work and zero worries! He will be a to clean in your place and now these are models so advanced that they also serve as floor washer. Do you have rugs and are you afraid of ruining them? Don't worry why intelligence is the watchword: there are now solutions that can automatically detect obstacles and the type of floor, and precisely map the environment in which they move. In short, now i robot vacuum cleaner they are really complete and with ours GizAwards 2021 we will go to crown the best of this year!

1 - ECOVACS Deebot N8 +

best robot vacuum cleaners 2021

He is the champion of our podium, ECOVACS Deebot N8+. It is a super complete and efficient robot vacuum cleaner, powerful and precise. The device is accompanied by practice emptying base: in addition to recharging the robot, the base also allows you to automatically empty the dirt box, so that your trusted ally is always ready for house cleaning! Deebot N88 aspirate e washed at the same time, thanks to the integrated mop and the included water tank: four levels of cleaning for maximum hygiene!

Thanks to the system TrueMapping - which combines laser technology with advanced dTOF sensors - is able to map the environment with maximum precision, to avoid obstacles and clean at best. Everything is enclosed in a minimal and simple body, perfect for any environment. To conclude, we remind you that it is a smart device, manageable via app or thanks to voice commands (with Alexa). Would you like to know more? Here is ours review!

Last updated the 28 / 06 / 2022 20: 43

2 - Roborock S7

Roborock S7

Unique, inimitable, timeless: it is the robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S7, one of the most complete and reliable, we would dare to say "almost perfect. Equipped with a suction power of 2.500 PA and a 3.000 rpm motor (with a frequency of 50 Hz), the robot is able to remove dirt quickly and in the round. Once again, this is a device capable of vacuuming and washing, equipped with a large battery (from 5.200 mAh), automatic mop lifting function to protect carpets, a precise and accurate mapping function and - of course - the controls via application. And then let's talk about Roborock, one of the most reliable brands on the market and historical partner of Xiaomi!

Last updated the 28 / 06 / 2022 20: 43

3- Roidmi Eve Plus

The podium ends with Roidmi Eve More: once again a historic brand, synonymous with quality and convenience. Also in this round there is an essential, clean, fresh and linear design: minimal is now the only language for the vast majority of tech products! As for our Eve Plus, it is a robot equipped with a 2.700 PA suction power, a 5.200 mAh battery and app controls (even with voice commands via Alexa and Google). The icing on the cake, we find an emptying base: the device practically cleans itself and maintenance is at a minimum. Complete and efficient cleaning for the whole house… without lifting a finger! Also in this case ours review is the perfect opportunity to find out more.

These are the best robot vacuum cleaners of the year but if you are looking for opportunities to save on any tech product (and not only), then take a look at the real-time promotions of our Telegram channel dedicated to the best offers on the web. Sign up to not miss any opportunity!

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