GizAwards 2021: the best electric bikes of the year!

The month of December is certainly the perfect time to take stock of the situation, take stock of the entire year and lay the foundations for what the future holds. We have seen a selection of top robot vacuum cleaners, but i GizAwards 2021 - the prizes of GizChina - they continue unabated: on this tour we are going to crown the best electric bikes of the year, with the three road champion winners!

The best electric bikes of 2021: here are our GizAwards!

best electric bikes

Never as in this historical period, technology is becoming more and more predominant in today's world. Everything is smart and progress is everywhere, in all homes. From smartphones, to robotic vacuum cleaners, from smart accessories to mobility sectors. In particular, travel has become vital: moving freely around the city, spending as little as possible. And this is possible by relying on an e-bike, devices that are now indispensable in the lives of some but which are gaining ground exponentially. With ours GizAwards 2021 let's find out what the best electric bikes of the year, the top of the top!

1 - ADO A20F

Our ranking of the best electric bikes opens with a timeless device, appreciated by us and by many users. We are talking about the Fat Bike ADO A20F, solution equipped with tyres reinforced 20 ″ x 4 ″, perfect whatever your route. It is a powerful e-bike - equipped with a 500W motor - and reliable, capable of reaching 25 km/h, all with a range of up to 70 km (the battery is a 36V 10.4Ah unit). In short, wherever you go, this monstrous Fat Bike will certainly be able to face any challenge!


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2 - ENGWE EP-2 Pro

engwe ep-2 pro wiibuying offer

If you are looking for an aggressive model, ready to cross any path, then ENGWE EP-2 Pro is the electric bike that's right for you. Also in second position we find a Fat Bike with wheels reinforced (20 ″) and the possibility of using 3 modes (manual, assisted and electric pedaling). With this e-bike you increase power thanks to a 750W: do not worry because it is still a solution in accordance with the law, capable of reaching 25 km / h. Autonomy arrives up to 100 km while goodies such as the anti-shock absorbers, the practical LCD display, the LED lights for night travel, the 7-speed Shimano gearbox make it suitable for all needs.

3- FIIDO D4S Pro

best electric bikes

Our 2021 GizAwards ranking dedicated to the best electric bikes of the year ends with a bang: FIIDO D4S Pro it's a super cheap model, but it doesn't have a fold (and which we definitely appreciated in ours review). The price is attractive while in terms of capacity we are faced with a bike with 20 "tires, a 250W (brushless type) and a battery that offers up to 90 km of autonomy. Made of aluminum alloy, the e-bike comes with a light and foldable body. Three driving modes and a 6-speed Shimano gearbox complete the picture. A gem that aims at saving but without too many compromises!

These are the best electric bikes of the year but if you are looking for opportunities to save on any tech product (and not only), then take a look at the real-time promotions of our Telegram channel dedicated to the best offers on the web. Sign up to not miss any opportunity!

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