Unleash your creativity with the Xiaomi YouPin 3D printing pen (for young and old)!

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Whether you are looking for a basic device to "get carried away" or you are thinking of a gift - perhaps for the little ones - the 3D printer pen di Xiaomi YouPin it will certainly be for you, now on a flash offer at a super attractive price!

09 / 12 Update: Xiaomi YouPin's 3D printer pen still drops in price. Find all the news directly at the end of the article.

Xiaomi YouPin presents the Xiaoxun 3D printer pen, cheap and fun

discount code pen 3d printer coupon offers xiaomi youpin

Lightweight and easy to use, the Xiaoxun 3D printing pen (one of the brand partners of the Chinese company) comes directly from Xiaomi YouPin, it is super cheap and is perfect for both children and grown-up users (perhaps looking for a solution to practice). The device is powered via a USB cable (120cm long) and features a lightweight and easy-to-handle body, weighing 40 grams. Furthermore, it is a safe product as it works at low temperatures: the filament will not get hot, in order to avoid accidents. Speaking of refills, the pen supports filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm.

La 3D printer pen da Xiaomi YouPin (Xiaoxun branded) is on flash offer AliExpress, with 5 filaments in a pack (of five different colors). Below you will find the link to the purchase: on the page, in addition to the discount pen you will also find the filaments (if you want to accompany the device with various refills). If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


AliExpress Standard Shipping 2.2 € - On the page you will also find the dedicated charging filaments

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