BlitzHome BH-AP1 review: is it the most suitable purifier for modern homes?

blitzhome bh-ap1 smart purifier cover review

Among the many intelligent accessories that you can have at home, the most useful are undoubtedly the air purifiers. Especially in the most modern homes, there is a need and possibility to improve the air quality of the home environment. And who better than BlitzWolf or better than his line smart home Blitz Home, can meet the needs of users, as in the case of smart air purifier BH-AP1, protagonist of this review?

BlitzHome BH-AP1 Review | Smart purifier

blitzhome bh-ap1 smart purifier 01 review

Package Contents

La package of BlitzHome BH-AP1 in review it is essential, without overdoing it: in fact, in addition to the small appliance, we simply find the manuals and power cord (since it is not wireless). Often this happens when the device already has everything built in and does not need additional accessories.

Design and materials

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We found the design very appreciable. Modern, compact and therefore not bulky, it has a grille on the front where the HEPA filter, while at the top we have the control area with LED indicators e especially touch, but also a second grate through which purifying air can pass, a natural feature of the product. Final gem is the iLED indicator at the bottom, which as we will see is not an aesthetic expedient, but much more.

Smart operation and services

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And so let's see what the highlight of the BlitzHome purifier review is. Without going around it too much, although very good, it is most effective in rooms no larger than 25 m2 and therefore for this reason we can define it as very suitable for the most modern houses, now more and more compact.

We also have 3 delivery modes: That automatic, where he does everything by himself, the speed 1 medium intensity e speed 2 which allows you to make the most of the product. There is also a night mode, which allows you to use it without disturbing with noise, which does not exceed 26 dB. Our advice is to keep it for less time but with speed 2, so that you can have more than satisfactory coverage.

A big applause goes to the always comfortable BlitzWolf application, which allows you to monitor the purifier, but also to set the various functions (which are easy to set even manually, since the control panel is very clear) and above all you can control the device remotely, so you can operate it even if you are not in home. And we come to the usefulness of the LED in the lower part: it is distributed in 3 colors and indicates the PM 2.5 level, that is the fine. If it glows green, you are perfectly in line. When yellow, there is an average presence. Finally, if red, obviously the air is full of poor thin.

BlitzHome BH-AP1 Review - Price and Conclusions

What can we say, in conclusion of a review, about this BlitzWolf product? As mentioned in the title and during the test, if you have a more compact home, it is definitely the purifier that can do for you, also due to how much it costs. The quality / price ratio is definitely a strong point of this BlitzHome BH-AP1, which combines intelligent functions with a simplicity that is important even for beginners. We do not feel we should advise against it for those with a larger house, but you may need a more powerful model or more purifiers of this type. To be able to buy it, you can take a look at the offer that Banggood he has reserved for him, but we remember that it will not last forever, so we must hurry.

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