ZTE Axon 30 Ultra at half price in the crazy Black Friday Flash Sale offer!

zte axon 30 ultra offer flash sale black friday 2021

ZTE is certainly one of the brands most attentive to user needs and we have already seen it with the first opportunities for the Black Friday 2021, here the our deepening, on the Axon 30 series. But the company wants to do even more and launch the i Flash Sale Black Friday, where you can get the top of the range ZTE Axon 30 Ultra at a price never seen before!

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra: Snapdragon 888 and triple 64 MP camera at a 50% discount with the Black Friday Flash Sale

zte axon 30 ultra offer flash sale black friday 2021 2

What are the advantages of buying a ZTE Axon 30 Ultra at half price? The first, without a doubt, is the possibility of obtaining a flagship equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chipset at a literally bargain price, but it does not end there. Indeed, the smartphone is equipped with a display AMOLED with super refresh rate a 144 Hz and all supports HDR10, but also a very quickly rechargeable battery to 65W.

All these features make it a smartphone that is certainly suitable for both Gaming at the highest levels, given the hardware, but also for watch movies without any kind of problem, considering the large screen that is found, difficult to find (especially at the proposed price) in other models of the category.

However, what makes the price proposed for the ZTE Flash Sale more appetizing is certainly the camera sector. This is because we have the first module with 3 sensors from 64 MP, each with a specific peculiarity for high level shots.

zte axon 30 ultra offer flash sale black friday 2021 4

But what is proposed is ZTE Axon 30 Ultra? Only for seven days, that is, from November 22 29 2021 to from 13pm to 15pm, you can buy the top range of the brand for only €374.5 instead of € 749, which are difficult to replicate for a smartphone of this caliber. If you want to try the camera experience below the display, there is also a super bundle offer for Axon 30 5G, but not only: ZTE discounts up to 89% accessories such as covers, films, chargers, smartwatches and earphones!

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Fast delivery

Valid from 22 to 29 November 2021

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Included in the offer: portable speaker, cover and film

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Up to 89% off!

Furthermore, if you want to get to know the philosophy of ZTE, which we have also told you about in this article, we leave you a dedicated link below. NB if you do not see it correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


Discover the philosophy of ZTE and its history in smartphones!

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