Does Xiaomi want to become a telephone operator?

xiaomi mobile telephone operator

Although it was born as a startup about ten years ago, Xiaomi he quickly showed the world that he was capable of anything. Not only smartphones and tablets but also notebooks, routers, smart TVs, wearables, headphones, scooters, appliances, lamps, toys, clothes, backpacks. And this just to mention the types of products available in Italy: if we extended the discussion to China as well, I could stay all day writing about the ecosystem YouPin. Not to mention the amount of services on which the Lei Jun brand is based, born precisely with the aim of selling low-cost electronics to spread software services.

As I explained to you ineditorial on the history of MIUI, the Xiaomi UI was born even before smartphones, with the idea that making it one of the main sources of income for the company. We think of the Xiaomi Mi Pay platform, which is not available with us but which in Asia is practically the equivalent of Paypal, being able to manage payments on the go but also transfers, subscriptions, bills and more. We recently told you about the introduction of the MiCare premium guarantee also in Italy, but I could also mention the bizarre vending machine for smartphones and gadgets Mi Express Kiosk. Or why not, even the fascinating home automation camper.

A patent suggests the launch of a telephone operator by Xiaomi

In short, Xiaomi is not new to experimenting with the expansion of its ecosystem of services. For example, in the past there has been talk of Xiaomi as a courier and even as a company travel addictBut with Xiaomi mobile it takes you to the next level. This is the name of the brand that the company has filed, immediately attracting media attention. The company hasn't even talked about it yet, but we can already get an idea based on the information of the brand.

The name Xiaomi Mobile cannot fail to remember that of China Mobile, one of the main ones telephone operators operating in China together with China Telecom. To this we add the logo deposited by Xiaomi, representing the reception bands that we usually see on the screen of phones. A logo that also refers to that "Mi"By Xiaomi, with the three temples representing the"M"And the fourth the"I"Complete with a dot above.

xiaomi mobile telephone operator

The information attached to the documents filed by Xiaomi speaks of Xiaomi Mobile as a service for "finance, advertising sales and communications services". Everything seems to point to the possibility that Xiaomi introduces itself to the world of telephone services, but we will hardly see it confronting companies such as TIM, Vodafone and Wind3. Assuming that such a service would debut first in China than in us, it is highly plausible that Xiaomi can use it to guarantee the eSIM support on its products. All that remains is to wait to see if Xiaomi will officially pronounce on this.

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