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Even if the MIUI 13 is now at the door, MIUI 12 Xiaomi still continues to be talked about, in this case thanks to the introduction of the much appreciated Super Wallpaper. The major update (now last generation) has enriched the aesthetics of Xiaomi smartphones with these dynamic wallpapers. Their peculiarity is that of being wallpapers that move with the interface, starting from the Always-On Display (when there is an OLED screen) passing through the lock screen and finally the home screen.

Upgrade 08 / 11: the new Super Wallpapers are available for download. Find everything at the end of the article.

MIUI 12: here are the official wallpapers and Super Wallpaper | Download

In addition to many new features and improvements regarding the immediacy of the interface - not to mention smoother animations - one of the main innovations of MIUI 12 are undoubtedly these Super Wallpaper. These are images that recall nature, landscapes, geometric shapes, spatial and Martian panoramas: in short, there is everything you need to please Mi Fans. Above you will find some examples, while to download the wallpapers you will find the download links at the end of the article.

Added two new Super Wallpaper | Update December 2020

As we announced to you in the dedicated article, Xiaomi has added two new Super Wallpaper on Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 12. They are called Snow Mountain and Geometry and you can download them from the links at the end of the article.

Two more new Super Wallpaper | Update January 2021

Two new Super Wallpaper arrive to enrich Xiaomi smartphones, this time with a European theme. The first is dedicated to Navagio beach, bay of the island of Zakynthos (in Greece) known for its suggestiveness derived from the wreck of the Panagiotis ship. The second immortalizes ours The Dolomites, specifically the summit of Mount Seceda in Trentino.

xiaomi miui 12 super wallpaper

Download all Super Wallpaper

A year later, the Linuxct modder has finally updated his Super Wallpaper port of Xiaomi's MIUI 12. From now on it is possible to install them through only two APK files, which you can find below in download.

Once downloaded and installed, the two icons relating to the settings of the related apps will appear in the drawer. Through these settings you can conveniently choose which place to set for the planet Earth or Mars. No more multiple APK files, then, and finally the Navagio and Dolomites Super Wallpapers work too!

xiaomi miui 12 super wallpaper download

How to install Super Wallpapers on any Android smartphone

Once you have downloaded the wallpapers you prefer, I invite you to consult my guide on how to install Super Wallpaper on any Android smartphone, whether they are Xiaomi or not.

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