Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket review: a panacea for your winter and an excellent Christmas gift (now on sale)


In the world of smart heated jackets, Xiaomi is certainly not the latest arrival. With his YouPin the Chinese brand has managed to create many models, which have distinguished themselves not only for the possibility of warming up, but above all for the high quality of the materials, seams and zippers. We saw him with the warming vest Xiaomi Cotton Smith, or with the heating vest Xiaomi 90 Fun, two very fortunate products that - in fact - we could consider as forerunners for this particular product segment.

Well, new model year: today we are talking about an aurodheating jacket that Xiaomi has produced in collaboration with COTTONSMITH. A totally waterproof model, with an enveloping hood and able to heat up (thanks to any powerbank that, let's remember, with these products is never in the package) reaching a maximum temperature of even 56 ° in complete safety.

A model that for less than 100 euros could save you the winter and (why not) even Christmas because, let's face it, instead of giving a boring traditional jacket, the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket it could really turn into a particular and (above all) comfortable gift idea.

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Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket review

Design and materials

As soon as you take it out of the box, you immediately realize that the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket it is made in an impeccable way: both the seams and the zippers are solid and well cared for and the polyester that covers its entire external area makes it 100% water-repellent. In this way, even in the rain or in the snow, it will be possible to use the self-heating system without having to worry about any problems. The padding has been entrusted to goose feathers and, let me tell you, even using it as a traditional jacket without turning on the heating system, this model is decidedly warm and suitable for winter in less cold cities.

Under the lining of the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket, a series of graphite-carbon nanotubes are hidden, which are flexible and which have the purpose of distributing heat in a totally safe and free from any electromagnetic radiation.

To activate the heating system it is necessary to connect a power bank to the jacket via a USB type A cable that has been placed in one of the side pockets: once the battery is connected, it is important to remember to close the zipper to protect the pocket. in order to avoid the ingress of water or rain. And right next to this pocket, a rubber-coated button has been positioned which integrates an LED with which you can not only control the switching on and off of the heating system but which will also allow you to manage the temperature, a very important feature of the which we will talk about shortly.

In short, in general the quality of the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket is really excellent, all the details are perfectly cared for and on the shoulder COTTONSMITH had the nice idea of ​​adding an insert in which there is a small thermometer to check the external temperature: it is a design detail that is a bit bulky, which however it has been placed on a velcro layer and which, therefore, is easily removable if you do not like it.

Features and washing

The peculiarities of the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket there are basically two: it is totally waterproof and can be washed without any problem, the heating system does not produce electromagnetic waves and is made with a series of flexible graphite and carbon tubes. In a nutshell, it is very safe.

Il Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket It can also be washed by hand or in the washing machine, as long as the right side pocket where the cable is placed USB for the heating system to remain closed during washing, otherwise the entire smart structure could be damaged and irreparably rendered out of use. However, it must be washed at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees and the company guarantees a maximum of 40 washes: in short, if you washed before and after the winter season, the jacket would have no problem for about 20 years.

The vest heater works with a 7.5w 5V and 2A system and is integrated into the back of the vest, which makes it with virtually any type of power bank, although my advice is to use a model of at least 10000 mAh. , even better if 20000 mAh, so you never run out of water.

Activation is very simple: you use the button positioned on the side with which, following the different colors of the LEDs, you can also set the temperature. There are 4 modes, 53 ° C, 48 ° C, 43 ° C and 38 ° C, and I assure you that in the highest mode the temperature will be really important.

My advice is to stop around 43 ° when walking, if instead you use the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket on a moped or in particularly cold (but very, VERY cold) areas the heating level could be increased. For all four modalities it is foreseen shutdown automatic after 3 hours of continuous use.

Sizes and Measurements - Xiaomi COTTONSMITH

The size we tried is one XL which, personally, fit perfectly for my height (177 cm). In general, the jacket of Xiaomi fits well according to your Italian size, although my advice is to buy a model one size larger than yours. In this regard, we leave you the orientation mirror offered by the company to guide you in choosing the size:

Discount price and conclusions - Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket

The sale price of Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket is 105 dollars on Banggood but, through the coupons you find below you can buy it with two very interesting discounts:

  • from 24 to 29 November 2021: Black Friday discount at 82 euros;
  • until 31 December 2021: 85 euros.

And yes, it is clear that for this figure you can take home garments from well-known and famous brands but, let's be clear about one thing, none of these jackets will be able to guarantee warmth, wind resistance and water resistance. of the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heating jacket.

As for me, I found my perfect winter jacket, even if it does have a small problem: the main zipper cannot be opened at the bottom which, for a very narrow part of people, could be uncomfortable especially if you wear it. the seated vest. For the rest, it is practically a perfect product.

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Buy the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heated jacket at a discount. Shipping is by CN, it will be delivered in about 10 days without any customs fees.

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Expires on: 31-12-2021

Buy the Xiaomi COTTONSMITH heated jacket at a discount for Black Friday. Shipping is by CN, it will be delivered in about 10 days without any customs fees. ATTENTION: this coupon will be valid from 9:00 am on November 24th until 9:00 am on November 29th.

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