Xiaomi is among the best brands in the world for IoT security

xiaomi best brand security iot brand

Having a IoT ecosystem such as that of Xiaomi, which we can define as gigantic, requires a not indifferent security system. And in fact, the brand of Lei Jun is now among the best in the world precisely in terms ofInternet of Things.

Xiaomi does better than Apple and Amazon in terms of security for the IoT, according to IoTSF

xiaomi best brand security brand iot 2

To elect Xiaomi between 21 best brands for security policies it was the body par excellence in the sector, i.e. the IoTSF, by extension theInternet of Things Security Foundation. And this is a very important milestone for the Chinese brand, because it puts it on par with Bosch, Microsoft, TP-Link, Google and other giants, but above all it places it above Amazon, Apple, Samsung and the internal rival OPPO.

But how is the list of brands structured for IoT security? The institution divides them into 3 different lists: green list, amber list and red list. In the first, the one defined as the most virtuous and in which Xiaomi is found, we find who surpasses all the texts on the matter. In the second we find those that reflect the basic requirements but not those of the extended tests. Finally, in the third, there are those that do not reflect the minimum requirements.

In short, buy today a Wi-Fi router or anyway any smart product for your home under the Xiaomi brand is certainly synonymous with safety, which opens up a world of great possibilities to meet a great quality / price ratio.

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