The 12.12 could debut the new top of the Xiaomi range

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This morning we woke up with a rumor circulating on Asian social media, that is, the big day in which Xiaomi 12 it should be officially unveiled. We have known for some time that the timing of the event should follow what was done last year, that is, presenting the smartphone at the end of 2021 and then marketing it at the beginning of 2022. For years, Xiaomi had accustomed us to seeing the keynote of the annual top of the range towards spring. But especially in the last year we have seen how a bit all the Android manufacturers have decided to anticipate their respective launches. The same should happen with OnePlus 10 Pro, which according to the leaks will arrive months earlier than usual.

26 / 11 Update: new details are appearing on the presentation date of the next top of the range. Find all the news directly at the end of the article.

The date of the Xiaomi 12 and MIUI 13 event would have been revealed

It is precisely the leaks that tell us that the 16th December it should be the X date to attend the presentation of the long-awaited Xiaomi 12. Event that would therefore take place a few days after the Qualcomm event, during which we will see the unveiled Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which will move the Xiaomi flagship.

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But the leak does not end here, pointing out that the alleged event of December 16 would be quite long, being scheduled from 19:30 to 23:30 (i.e. from 12:30 to 16:30 in Italy). Although Xiaomi has already accustomed us to events that are too long without particular reasons, a 4-hour event will hardly see the Xiaomi 12 series alone as the protagonist. And since we talk about it with more and more insistence, it seems almost obvious that the new smartphones will be accompanied by the MIUI 13. Also because the major update tests have already started and we also know what the first updated smartphones.

Check a new date | Update 26/11

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After the rumors of recent days - which saw December 16 as the day of the debut of the new flagship - a new presentation date has arrived for Xiaomi 12. According to the latest news reported by the Chinese media, the launch event is expected to be held next 12th December, therefore in advance of previous rumors. The reason is obvious and it is both symbolic and practical in nature. The day in question falls on Sunday: it would therefore be a first time for a Xiaomi launch event. Plus the date 12/12 calls the name of the smartphone twice (Xiaomi 12, in fact).

Finally, as for the Singles Day, even December 12 in China is one day of discounts and offers; certainly it will not have the same intensity as 11.11, but it could be the perfect opportunity for Xiaomi to announce its top of the range with a greedy discount.

Obviously the other big news will be the MIUI 13 which will share the stage with the top of the range. For the moment there is still no confirmation from Lei Jun's house: as soon as we know more we will update this article with all the details!

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