Xiaomi 12, will there be a Lei Jun Edition? The company clarifies

xiaomi 12 lei jun edition denial of trademark registration

At the time of the presentation of Xiaomi Mi 11, the beautiful one also arrived Lei Jun Edition, which we had the pleasure to review. And it is news of these hours of a great rumor for a possible version dedicated to the CEO and founder of the brand also for Xiaomi 12, but the company had to keep its enthusiasm at bay.

Xiaomi registers the Lei Jun logo, but there will be no new special editions of the model 12 (for now)

How did this news come about? On the web or rather on Weibo, the indiscretion of a registration of the Lei Jun brand has begun to circulate, both in full, and of the logo bearing his signature, just as it appears on the Mi 11 dedicated to him. And from there began numerous speculations that a version of could also arrive Xiaomi 12 concerning the founder of the brand.

To keep the indiscretions at bay, we thought the usual and resolute Wanghua, Head of Communication of Xiaomi, who made it clear that Xiaomi has registered well 45 logos all the same for different categories, all to be able to protect themselves in case someone could use them without authorization. So, he clarifies, the brand does not have all this intention of releasing special models.

xiaomi 12 lei jun edition denial of trademark registration 2

Clearly, knowing Xiaomi, we must not give absolute what it declares, as in the past it has already happened that it could turn around on a model or a technology then released. And you would like to see a new one Lei Jun Edition? Or would you prefer a special edition dedicated to video games or anime, like often happens with OPPO? Let us know in the comments!

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