Crazy Black Friday with Windows 10 for only 10 € with a 91% discount

vipkeysale black friday 2021 lifetime license discount windows 10 office

Also VIPkeysale decided to participate in the Black Friday with its super offers! In fact, for a few days you can find the license of Windows 10, which we remind you allows you to upgrade for free to Windows 11 when this is available, for only €10. Let's talk about a license Lifetime for which VIPkeysale guarantees you a period of 30 days from the date of purchase to have a replacement license in case of any problem. But there is not alone Windows 10, there are great deals on packages too Office, all this thanks to the super discounts up to 91% on the occasion of Black Friday!

VIPkeysale: Windows 10 license forever at 10 € with the unmissable 91% discount for Black Friday

-30% with the exclusive VIPGC coupon

vipkeysale black friday 2021 lifetime license discount windows 10 office 2

As you can see, with the VIPkeysale promo you can have very expensive software at a price that is difficult to beat and above all, the licenses Windows 1011 e Office 2021 they will be yours forever and you will no longer need to make additional purchases! In the event that you have difficulties with these licenses, the store will do its best by giving a guarantee of 30 days where you can request the replacement of the key and receive a new one as a replacement.

Once you have selected the license on offer you need, you will enter the code VIPGC in the section "Promotional code". Once done, the additional discount will automatically arrive 30%, which is applied to the entire selected service and will lead to a total of 91% in less.

After having done these operations, you must then proceed to the payment by choosing one of the various methods, including PayPal in complete safety. Once the license is obtained, you can finally activate Windows 10 or 11. How to do all this? Going to the Settings, then continuing in "Activations"And at the end click on"Change product key”, So as to start the activation of the key.

Why are these licenses so cheap?

The licenses of VIPkeysale they certainly have a very advantageous price, also because it is often not possible to find them with such offers, but how is this possible? It is easy to say: VIPkeysale, by not providing the box with license, activation code and physical support to install the software, it saves costs and brings the customer the only activation key, which is what is needed to make the trial version of Microsoft software a version complete and above all active for life.

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