Ultenic K10 review: the smart air fryer with Alexa and Google Assistant


The universe of air fryers has now completely exploded, even in the West. Thanks to this trend, in fact, the competition between the various companies is increasingly "fierce" and this is good for users who - never as in this period - can juggle a vast panorama that allows a considerable reduction in prices.

As you may have understood, the juice is always the same: is the product worthwhile for its quality / price ratio? That's exactly what we asked ourselves by trying the Ultenic K10: smart fryer with enormous potential (and functionality) that is proposed on the market at a decidedly competitive price. Will he have convinced us? Let's find out together.

Design and materials

La Ultenic K10 deep fryer offers the same design seen in the vast majority of cases. Glossy plastic body, interspersed with the control panel at the top that offers multiple presets and preheated functions, which we will see later.

Smart functionality | Alexa & Google Home

The fryer Ultenic K10 is fully supported byproprietary app. Configuring it via Wi-Fi (very simple process that will require poco more than two minutes) you will have access to a ton of extra features. Among the most interesting we have the function preheat - or - the possibility of preheating the fryer before moving on to cooking itself.

As you can imagine, through the app you will have total control over the fryer, you can then set dedicated cooking programs, read recipes ah hoc and start the product directly remotely. However, it is important to emphasize the full integration of the functions of preheating and heat retention because, in our opinion, they are the only ones that find a real benefit from remote control.

Precisely in terms of remote control, it is interesting to underline the compatibility of the Ultenic K10 deep fryer with the most famous voice assistants such as Google Assistant ed Amazon Alexa. This will take the remote control of the fryer to another level, being able to access the many features offered directly with your voice.

Cooking and experience of use

La Ultenic K10 does its job great even if, to obtain the best desirable result, you will need to be careful. What are we referring to? Nothing particularly new in the field of Air Fryers. During the cooking phase, you will not have to "fill" the basket to its full capacity; the dishes inside the fryer, in fact, must have their own space to allow ideal cooking. In fact, in the event that you overlap the dishes, it could happen that some of these remain raw even after several minutes of cooking.

Furthermore, having a fixed basket with the grill fixed by means of lateral rubber pads, it is not advisable to load the surface too much in terms of weight: the grill could slide slowly on the bottom and this could lead to only partial cooking of the dishes. In short, with a little attention, the result will be considerable! The fryer in question, with a 5L basket, is ideal for a couple and for a family of up to 4 people.

Price and final considerations

The price of the Ultenic K10 smart fryer, net of current offers, it is approx €100 on Amazon. Certainly we are not in front of the cheapest fryer on the market, however considering the smart features (complete with interactions with Alexa e Google Assistant) and the non-negligible functions dedicated to the maintenance of the dishes, we can say that it is a - all in all - reasonable price.

Who is this product suitable for? Considering the ease of use remotely, we would like to recommend it to all those who are savvy in using products with connectivity and who are able to integrate their needs with the dynamism of the smart home.

NB A 10 € “Check box” coupon is active on the Amazon page

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