Tonor TC30 review: the DEFINITIVE microphone for less than 30 €!

In a historical period like this where the habits of many of us have changed and also the ways of working, with smartworking, are totally renewed, there are some accessories that have had important sales on the market, never as in this period.

And if the webcams for months have been very difficult to buy at honest (and human!) Prices, even the table microphones have proved to be faithful workmates. Today I'm talking about the Tonor TC30, a cheap product that tries in every way to win a place on your desk.

Tonor TC30 review

Content of the package

Il contents of the package of the Tonor TC30 contains the essential:

  • Tonor TC30
  • Desk stand
  • USB-C cable
  • Pop Filter

Design, materials and specifications

Il Tonor TC30 is decis extremely compact, and will not be annoying and bulky on your desk; only 19cm high and 15cm wide when used with its original stand. Alternatively, you can attach it to the classic arms that can be purchased on Amazon for a few tens of euros.

It is built entirely in aluminum, it is not plasticky at all and indeed if taken in hand it absolutely does not give you the idea of ​​being a Low-Cost product. A microphone like this, mind you, will never work miracles or be compared to a top of the range, but I am convinced that it can be suitable for a good 80% of users (where the remaining 20% ​​is represented by professional streamers, recording studios and a few other fields).

However, again on a constructive level, the tripod it is quite stable: it has rubber feet that give it good stability and allow the microphone not to vibrate or move on surfaces. I didn't particularly like the plastic fastening joints and the microphone holder, but you can definitely turn a blind eye.

Il tripod use an attack a screw with 5/8 ″ thread: it is not a particular size, but it is not in the standards that are usually found in cheaper tripods, so if you want to buy a desk bracket, check that you have purchased the correct one.

In the package there is also a Pop Filter which in most cases is an accessory to be purchased separately; it does not allow large adjustments, but it must be said that it moves hand in hand with the microphone, so you will certainly not go wrong.

On the back of the microphone stem there is the USB-C input through which you will connect the Tonor TC30 directly to the computer, with the cable present in the package. The beauty of this product is that it is totally Plug & Play, both on Windows and on Mac.

Audio Quality

Il Tonor TC30, let's make it clear, it is a microphone a capacitor: on the market there are different types of microphones, but the most common ones for this type of use are precisely these condenser ones, which allow for a good frequency response and are able to give a certain "cut" to the voice.

L'negative aspect condenser microphones, if we really want, is the extreme sensitivity they are equipped with, which is why it is not recommended to use them without support or directly in the hand.

I recorded a small audio sample with the Tonor TC30 that I leave you here above on SoundCloud; the audio was recorded with Audacity with a Macbook Pro, at a distance of about 15 centimeters from the microphone, and without post-production of any kind (which perhaps would have been, in part, necessary).

I noticed that the ideal distance is 30-40 cm from the microphone, so as to avoid annoying natural "peaks" due to our not always constant tone of voice. In any case, the quality definitely satisfied me, especially when compared with other products in the same price range, but above all with the integrated microphones of webcams or notebooks, which this model aims to replace.

Price and Considerations

The most attractive aspect of this Tonor TC30, in addition to the features just described, is the price of soli 29,99 € on Amazon with Prime shipping, a price much lower than the expectations I had when I received it on trial. In addition, using the discount code reserved for GizChina (to be entered during the payment phase, QIOOPRXJ ) you can save 10% and pay for the Tonor TC30 only € 26,99!

I was pleasantly satisfied, and I really think that, barring new arrivals or new models, I will leave this Tonor TC30 a place on my desk, for Skype video calls and some voice-overs in future reviews. Promoted!

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