Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 review: the future of vacuum cleaners (now on sale)

One thing is certain: 2022 will be the year of smart vacuum cleaners, capable of (for real) washing floors. It is an important change of course, which has already begun in recent times, because indeed with this technology, companies have introduced a convenience that is not worthwhile. poco, with which it was possible to find the right balance between cyclonic vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners.

The reason is simple: on the one hand the cyclonic vacuum cleaners with their power are now able to vacuum dirt perfectly, on the other hand the automatic vacuum cleaners are able to polish the floor in total autonomy. But with these two types of products there is a but: with vacuum cleaners then you are forced to wash the floor manually, while robots do their utmost but do not always lead to exceptional results, especially when the floor is dirty. Well with vacuum cleaners, in one pass, you can really suck up the dirt and remove the stains from the floor.

And if there is a company that was a forerunner in this technology, it is undoubtedly Tineco with its Floor One (and iFloor) line: it has been since I reviewed the Tineco iFloor 3 that I practically only use this type of product and, on paper, with the new one Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 the company seems to have managed to solve some of the limitations typical of this type of product. One above all, the capacity of the water tanks.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 review: cordless vacuum cleaner and intelligent scrubber

Package Contents

As well as all the company's products, even the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 it is sold with a package full of accessories, aesthetically well cared for and almost compact. Inside we find:

  • Tineco Floor One S5;
  • Replacement brush
  • Deodorant and detergent solution;
  • Additional HEPA filter;
  • 3 in 1 cleaning tool;
  • Charging and washing base;
  • HEPA support to attach to the base;
  • Accessory holder to attach to the base;
  • Power supply;
  • Instruction manual.

Design and materials

Given its nature, despite its structure being that of a traditional vacuum cleaner, in reality the design of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 it's a long way from those lean lines you'd expect when it comes to a wireless vacuum cleaner. The whole body is very large, and the reason comes from the technology it uses: water. In the vacuum cleaner the company had to insert two containers, one for the dirty water and one for the clean one, but it did it with much more wisdom than what we have seen in all the other models in the same category.

Because there is a good news, a new one that alone is worth buying Tineco FLOOR ONE S5: the water containers are much more capacious than the other models (we are talking about 0,7 and 0,8 liters) and, despite this increase in capacity, the new Tineco floor cleaning vacuum cleaner is the model with the most compact structure on the market .

And to do this they used an ingenious solution: instead of placing both containers in the front of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5, the dirty water one continues to be forward, but the clean water one has been positioned at the rear. And instead of using “circular” containers, they used two vertical ones. In short, better managed spaces have led to greater capacity and have probably solved the only real limitation of this type of product: the autonomy of use and the need to empty and refill the water several times during a single cleaning.

In the rear area of ​​the body then, a button has been inserted with which you can deactivate the integrated voice assistant, which among other things speaks in Italian, and activate the WiFi for connection to the Tineco application: let's face it, it is not this is the function that revolutionizes the user experience, but it is a good way to keep under control the status of the recharge and any problems related to the filters or mechanics of the vacuum cleaner.

The typical Tineco display has been inserted at the top, with which all the information relating to cleaning and the battery can be kept under control, including the automatic suction power: around the display there is an LED circle that will change color according to the quantity of dirt detected by the sensors integrated in the vacuum cleaner that will allow the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 to adapt the suction power for optimal performance.

In any case, the motorized brush is not replaceable and certainly will not allow the use of the floor cleaning vacuum cleaner with angles close to 180 °, but its solid and well-designed structure will prevent water leaks from the tanks and the washing circuit. : when you use the vacuum cleaner, despite the fact that water is sprayed under pressure on the floor, you will never, ever find puddles of water.

The use of water for cleaning then made it necessary for Tineco to produce a waterproof body with IPX4 certification, which should not be underestimated precisely because liquids are at the center of cleaning with this device.

For the rest all the components are easily removable e washable, both by hand and through the automated process (later we will see it better). This once again confirms the ease of use and cleaning.

Suction and washing

use the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 it's that simple. After filling the container with clean water, which can also be enriched by the scented detergent included in the package, just hold it and press the start button.

There are 2 suction modes, the automatic one and the one at maximum power. And if the latter is clearly the one in which the suction power will be maximum, as well as the amount of water used, it is the automatic mode that I would recommend you to always use: in this mode, the integrated iLoop sensor will automatically detect the amount of dirt. present on the surface to be cleaned e will adjust automatically la suction power e the emission of water. The noise will surely make us understand when there is more or less effort, but as if that were not enough we also have the help of the display.

But regardless of the cleaning mode used (I, for safety, I always use the maximum one), in these days of testing with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 I found myself very well, and the idea of ​​washing and vacuuming at the same time is brilliant: unlike robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners that perform a polishing (and not washing) action, with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 all stains will go away, although it may take several passes in areas with more complex dirt, before completely removing the residue.

And it also works very well with hair and pet hair: this is probably the scenario in which you realize the advantages of using a water system because, once cleaning is finished, just empty the water tank and give it a rinse.

Once you have finished cleaning the floor, it is time for one of the most convenient functions of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5: self-cleaning. Using it is very simple: at the end of a cleaning (or if the indicator lights up), just place the vacuum cleaner on the charging base, empty the dirty water container and fill the clean water container and press the dedicated button.

In a few moments the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 it will begin to self-clean itself, and will do so using just the water, in order to eliminate any residue of dirt. My advice is to use this mode at the end of each wash and, above all, to wash the clean water container well when it will no longer be used: in this way you will avoid bad smells.

Smart application and functions

Il Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 it connects to the wireless network and can also be “controlled” through the Tineco app, available for both iPhone and Android. Let me be clear, this is a “more” that you could totally do without, but having all the information relating to the vacuum cleaner available on a smartphone could be a convenient thing for some people.

Pairing with the app is super easy and will take a maximum of 2 minutes. from here on you can check the state of charge of the battery, the state of clean and dirty water, change the voice or start the automatic cleaning if the vacuum cleaner has been placed on the charging base.

Battery life

Under the body of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 we find a battery from 4000 mAh with which the company has managed to obtain a good autonomy of use which, also thanks to the larger containers, in our tests has reached up to about 30 minutes of use.

Of the performances obtained with the automatic mode, although it is a mode that can to vary based on the dirt encountered, while in mode Max you come around i 20 minutes of use.

Average charging speed: for a full charge the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 it can take about 4 hours.

Price and considerations

The price of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 is 529,00 euros on Amazon, but through the coupon you find in the box below you could buy it at a discount at the price of 449,10 €. And believe me, if you are lazy people like me who want to waste as little time as possible on housekeeping, you will bless every single penny of this amount.

And you will do it not only because it is one of the best alternatives to vacuum the floor and really wash the surfaces, but because with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 the company has managed to solve (or, at least, to buffer) the enormous limit relating to the capacity of the tanks. And, trust me, it's not a da thing poco.

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