Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro review: an excellent office notebook

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

Over the years Teclast has always been characterized by products of middle band from good value for money, but in the latter period the Chinese company has decided to raise the bar and launch a new line of notebooks with higher performance. We are talking about the series Tbolt and in more detail in today's review we will analyze the Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro.

How did he behave during our tests? Will this notebook be successful with Intel Core i5-8259U to surprise us? Let's find out together in the full review!

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro review

Unboxing - Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

The sales package is very accurate and is made of white hardcover. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro;
  • power supply with 57W output;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

Il design of Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro it differs from the traditional one of the Chinese company, as it has more angular and less rounded lines, but above all it has a more professional and premium look, although it still remains very minimal and without frills.

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

To give it this most precious look is certainly the external shell in matt aluminum, accompanied by a plastic interior of the same finish. However, what I want to mention is that both are from excellent workmanship and even after several days of use I did not find any imperfections.

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

In general it seems to have a mid-range notebook at home Honor o Huawei, so much so that in the lower part we have an excellent rubber rise that favors the work of the lower fans.

Le frames are quite fine on 3/4 of the display, but since we are talking about a device with a panel from 15.6 inches, the dimensions will still be significant. In fact, the Tbolt 20 Pro measure 374 243 x x 20.5 millimeters for a weight of 1.8 kg.

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

On the back we find the Tbolt logo, on the right side the 3.5mm jack input, the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, the microSD input and the Kensigton Lock, while on the left the USB 3.0 port, USB Type-C 3.1 and USB Type -C 2.0, as well as an HDMI port and the switch to disable the webcam. On the lower part, as already mentioned, the risers with the rubber pads convinced me a lot to avoid overheating the PC too much and at the same time maintain a good grip on flat surfaces.

La keyboard of Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro è backlit on two levels, which are sufficient in both complete darkness and dim light, while the key travel is short, soft and slightly closer to the Macbook experience. I must say that compared to the other models of the company, Teclast made a truly exceptional work, above all because the plate on which it rests is very solid and free from bending of any kind.

Likewise the touchpad gives us the same great experience, as it is very large, it supports Windows gestures, it is precise and reliable and we also have plenty of room to rest your wrists.

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

In short, the Tbolt 20 Pro is a device that in an office work context guarantees you the maximum reliability and fluency in the production of textual content.


On board this Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro we find a panel IPS da 15.6 inches diagonal with resolution in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and ratio 16:9.

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

One aspect I really liked is that we find a opaque treatment, so reflections are eliminated and you will be able to read better in direct sunlight. There maximum brightness in fact it is good indoors and sufficient outdoors, while i colors they tend to be a little bit less saturated e thwarted by reality, but just go into the settings and calibrate them to your liking.

Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

The body can be rotated almost 180 degrees and this will guarantee us more ways of use, but overall we are faced with a very large panel that is perfect both for productivity and for viewing multimedia content.

Hardware and Performance

Under the body of the Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro we find a chipset Intel Core i5-8259U, which is inclusive of a processor quad-core with a maximum clock frequency of 3.8 GHz in Turbo Boost and standard 2.3 GHz, flanked by 8 GB di RAM LPDDR4 (not expandable) e 256 GB di SSD memory, expandable through lo M.2 slot dedicated or through microSD. Software side we find Windows 10 Pro in Italian language.

Coming to the performance I was satisfied, as the price at which it is sold manages to guarantee us a very good use for the office, that is with the Office package, management software, Web browsing, but also of the lightweight video editing e editing of photos with Photoshop at amateur levels and without too many layers and masks.

Obviously in these cases a notebook with a dedicated graphics card is recommended, but otherwise the Tbolt behaved excellently thanks to the very good performance in everyday use and to the fairly fast memories. Later I leave you some benchmarks.

With regard to the But by the full GPU acceleration tech, therefore, on board we find one Intel Iris Graphics 655 integrated that in gaming will give us satisfaction only with titles poco complex. In fact, by trying Genshin Impact you will have to play a details at a minimum with 30 fps. Obviously no problem with light titles and all those of the Microsoft store, while you have some good performance with league of legends.

Even during the most agitated phases the fans do not make excessive noise, although the internal temperatures approach 90 ° (obviously only during extreme gaming or editing). Externally, however, the sensation of heat is not perceived.

Audio, camera and connectivity

As for the audio the Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro It owns four speakers, two located on the bottom and two on the keyboard, which return a very powerful audio with a fair balance of frequencies. I must say that it is perfect for watching movies on the most popular streaming platforms or even for gaming because it manages to be engaging and charged at the right point.

La webcam can record up to a maximum of 720p a 30 fps and the quality is good for video calls, both formal and informal, but above all the audio captured by the microphone is clean and of excellent quality.

sample photo tbolt 20 pro

On the connectivity side we have already mentioned the high number of ports and inputs available to the Tbolt 20 Pro and these already make it very competitive with respect to the competition. For the rest, therefore, we find on board Bluetooth 5.1 e Dual Band AC Wi-Fi with which no problems were found.


To fuel this Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro one takes care of it battery da 55Wh, which allows us to have one very good autonomy. In fact, with office use with maximum brightness and performance I managed to get up to 6 hours of continuous use.

Obviously in balanced mode and light use we can easily reach 8/9 hours, while in the case of video editing we are around 3 hours. Generally speaking, satisfactory results.

Conclusions - Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro

We come to the conclusions and, therefore, we also talk about price! In fact, in addition to the good specs, this is one of the main strengths of the Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro, as it is currently available on Amazon just 459 € thanks to da 90 € can be activated on the product page and al code "6REP2EJY" da 10 € which you will need to enter before proceeding with payment. Please note, however, that this special offer is only available until November 30.

We are therefore talking about an excellent productivity device thanks to good general performance, a reliable keyboard and touchpad and a more than satisfactory autonomy. In short, the perfect office machine! At this figure I feel I can recommend it to all those who are looking for a device performing but economical.


Teclast Tbolt 20 Pro - Amazon

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