Spotify “copies” TikTok to discover new music


For the first time in history, an app of Chinese origin such as TikTok is profoundly affecting the experience of Western apps, as is the case with Spotify. After Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest, even the music streaming platform has decided to “take inspiration” to give a refresh to the experience it offers to its users. With the inclusion of the new mode Discoverin fact, the intent is to entice users to discover new music in a style that closely resembles the use of the TikTok feed.

If you are used to using Spotify, you may have noticed that the site analyzes your music listening to understand what kind of listening you might prefer. In this way, you can take advantage of the weekly playlist "Discover Weekly“, Created every Monday based on tastes that Spotify automatically personalizes based on your preferences. But obviously this is not the most intuitive way to discover new music, both for the laziness of people in going to look for the playlist and for its limited weekly frequency.

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And this is where the "inspiration" that Spotify drew from the user interface of TikTok, entirely based on the vertical swipe to switch between videos and discover new content. With the new Discover mode, the same will happen also on Spotify: once activated, the full-screen playback of a song chosen according to your tastes will start. If you like it, you can show it to the app by leaving a Heart or making one swipe to go to the next song.

If it is ever released to the general public, Spotify's Discover function could actually prove to be an interesting method for discovering new music quickly. What is certain is that such a novelty underlines once again how multimedia use is changing, not only in the video world but also in the audio one. If this becomes an important vector for reaching new audiences, it may become necessary for an artist to adhere to new standards to be respected in order to favor the algorithm. I am thinking first of all of the adoption of Canvas, i.e. the vertical videos that Spotify plays when a song is full screen (and when in Discover mode). In addition, it may become increasingly important to be able to convince the listener in first seconds of listening, under penalty of being "swiped" off the screen.

For the time being, Spotify's Discover feature has been rolled out to a small circle of iOS users. And it is not yet certain that it will be released to the general public, as a Spotify spokesperson points out:

At Spotify, we regularly conduct a series of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. 

Some of these tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience, and others only serve as important learning. 

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