Singles Day 11.11: what it is, how it works and who joins

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Over the years you have surely heard of Black Friday e Cyber ​​Monday, not to mention the recently concluded event, namely the Prime Day by Amazon. If these "celebrations" were born in the USA, the same cannot be said for the Singles Day 11.11, yet another appointment with discounts ed offered which is now becoming more and more popular even in our latitudes. Conceived in 1993, this date has become a real symbol for the digital market. In fact, we are talking about the biggest holiday in the world (in terms of numbers) in terms of shopping online. In this regard, in this article we will explain what is Singles Day 11.11how it workswhich stores belong to the initiative arriving during the month of November 2021.

What Singles Day 11.11 is and how it works: all about the singles party

As the name implies, the Singles Day 11.11 (o Guanggun Jie) is held the11th November of each year. Unlike Valentine's Day, the "moral" goal of Singles Day is that of celebrate singles, a slice of the population that certainly abounds (for many reasons). Hence the choice of the date, composed only of 1 numbers: just think that in Asia many are organized parties prohibited for couples, just on the occasion of this event.

Singles Day 11.11

But so what is Singles Day 11.11 and what does it have to do with… discounts? As happened for Valentine's Day, it did not take long before everything was exploited by giants like Jingdong, TaoBao ed Alibaba to propose numerous offers on products of any kind. In short, a party given by purposes very different from those of today has turned into an opportunity for savings and as such can only attract an extraordinary number of users in search of the right offer.

How Singles Day 11.11 works: GizDeals comes to your aid with the best offers

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GizDeals Group is the Telegram group where users can interact with our staff for everything related to purchases from China. By registering you will be able to stay up to date on all the upcoming news and above all, access the best offers in real time, including those dedicated to Singles Day 11.11.

Also you can get information about your purchases and benefit from dedicated offers exclusively to group members. If all this were not enough, it will be possible request a specific coupon and the staff will send it to you as soon as available. Obviously there is no shortage of channels dedicated exclusively to offers: below you will find the links for the main channels and groups dedicated to discounts!

Our Buying Guides for Singles Day 11.11

Before leaving you to the details on the individual stores we point out a series of buying guides which could prove useful to guide you in the sea of ​​products that will be offered on offer during the event of 11 November. This is a short overview dedicated to little robots and to vacuum cleaner wireless; for lovers of smartphone there is no lack of specific advice and the same applies to i notebook (of course, all in China sauce!). In short, if you want to create your personal "shopping list" with the products that interest you and that could be among the protagonists of the Singles Day 11.11 2021, you are in the right place!

Below you will find the various guides with the respective link.

But now let's see what are the recommended stores that they should join Singles Day 11.11 with many offers and promotions, available on the day ofNovember 11, 2021. Furthermore, each store is accompanied by a link to our Telegram channel. Before leaving, we point out that often the initiatives dedicated to the singles party start in the previous days, so watch out and activate the notifications!


Banggood is one of the most important Chinese stores, when it comes to purchases dedicated to us Westerners. Often the products come from European warehouses (where specified) and free shipping is also available. Obviously there are no customs fees, the Vat Tax is already included and reliability is at the top (also thanks to our support through the groups listed poco on). Obviously Banggood also take part in the Singles Day 11.11 with an avalanche of offers and attractive prices.

For all the details on the Banggood event take a look to our in-depth analysis dedicated to the store.

Below you will find all the offers in real time from our Telegram channel dedicated to Banggood, together with the button to register and do not miss a single discount!


Since Alibaba is one of the main proponents of the Singles Day 11.11, certainly can not miss the appeal AliExpress. The shopping platform has always been characterized by its low prices and numerous promotions and also in this case there is an avalanche of initiatives.

For all the details on the AliExpress event take a look to our in-depth analysis dedicated to the store.

Below you will find all the offers in real time from our Telegram channel dedicated to AliExpress, together with the button to register and do not miss a single discount!

GShopper & EdWayBuy

The new entries of the Singles Day 2021: we do not yet have certainty, but it is impossible not to mention GShopper e EdWayBuy among the possible stores protagonists of 11.11: by now both portals have created a good slice of passionate users, thanks to the super affordable prices, the many coupons, the shipping from Europe (often available) and the ability to pay safely with PayPal. In short, this year we expect these two stores to do their part with some crazy offers to celebrate the singles party!

For all real-time offers, discount codes, products shipped from Europe and promotions, subscribe to our Telegram channel dedicated to GShopper and that for EdWayBuy, so you don't miss a single opportunity!


Among the stores that usually participate in Singles Day 11.11 it is impossible not to find Geekbuying, a shopping platform that has amazed us on several occasions thanks to excellent offers and products shipped from warehouses in Europe and Italy. Here you can find our Telegram channel dedicated while below you will find the links for the initiatives related to the singles party.

It is the 11.11 event page of Geekbuying (where you will find a shower of coupons and offers) and one for the Global Shopping Festival. In addition, the initiative is also present Bonus Coupon, which allows you to save money by purchasing from a selection of products.


Let's now pass to the western stores. As with the other platforms we don't have a confirmation yet but we expect that eBay he will certainly not be found unprepared: the platform and its sellers have always proved to be quite loyal to Singles Day and this year too should be no exception. If you are aiming for savings, then you just have to click on the link below and subscribe to our dedicated Telegram channel, waiting for the promo dedicated to 11.11.

Below you will find all the offers in real time from our Telegram channel dedicated to eBay, together with the button to register and do not miss a single discount!

The Amazon

How long The Amazon belongs to the Western imagination, it is likely that Jeff Bezos' platform will also try its hand at discounts and promotions on the occasion of the Singles Day 11.11 2021, as also happened last year. After the event of Prime Day the spotlight is on Black Friday, but don't be fooled: certainly there will be promos suitable to satisfy your thirst for discounts even to celebrate the singles party.

Below you will find all the offers in real time from our Telegram channel dedicated to The Amazon, together with the button to register and do not miss a single discount!


euronics singles day 11.11

Also Euronics takes part in Singles Day 11.11 and does it with a shower of promotional offers with the Double VAT Discount: take a look to the page dedicated to the initiative for all the details!


unieuro singles day 2021 vat discount offers smartphone notebook smart tv

Unieuro has decided to go crazy and celebrate the singles party with the discounted VAT promotion, valid for only 24 hours: don't miss the chance and be quick. Here you will find all the details of the initiative!


trading shenzhen singles day 11.11 2021 smartphone deals

The delicious opportunities for Singles Day also arrive on TradingShenzhen, a store that often offers fresh launch products at super prices. Take a look to find out more to our in-depth analysis dedicated to the event for 11.11.


SHEIN Singles Day 11.11

Singles Day 11.11 is not just tech: the Chinese store SHEIN has launched a crazy initiative - with discounts up to 80% - valid on many items of clothing. Take a look at the event pages: here you find all the details.

Wizz Air

wizz air

If you can save on clothing… why not travel? Wizz Air offers a 20% discount on all flights, but only for 11 November (until 23 pm). There are routes starting from € 59, so this could be a super tempting opportunity: here are all the details of the initiative!

All offers from the best brands


huawei singles day 11.11

The Singles Day 11.11 involves everyone and among the names of the main brands we find Huawei: the official store of the Chinese tech giant has kicked off a series of flash sales and discounts with coupons, valid until November 17. For all the details take a look to our in-depth study dedicated to the Huawei promo!


blackview singles day 11.11 rugged smartphone coupon deals

If you are looking for a rugged smartphone, Singles Day is the event for you thanks to the promotional initiative BlackView. The Chinese brand offers discounts of up to 70% with many products on offer including rugged, low budget smartphones, tablets, notebooks, headphones and smartwatches. To find out all the details take a look to the in-depth study dedicated to the Blackview promo.


road to xiaomi friday offers singles day 2021 mi store

Xiaomi has seen fit to use Singles Day 11.11 as a springboard towards Black Friday 2021. Promotional initiatives - here you find all the details - will continue until November 18th, so the discounts aren't limited to the singles party period only!


teclast 11.11 singles day 2021 offers tablet notebook

Obviously, the brand could not be missed for Singles Day Teclast, with a roundup of notebooks and tablets on offer with a discount code on the occasion of this particular holiday. Would you like to know more? Then here you find our study with all the details of the promotion.


oclean singles day 11.11 2021 offer discount code toothbrushes accessories 2

Many consumer electronics devices, but 11.11 is also an opportunity to buy the best products for our oral hygiene. Think about this Oclean with its initiative for Singles Day 2021, where you will find very interesting dedicated offers. TO this link you will find all the details about it.


dreame singles day 11.11 offers

Singles Day 11.11 becomes a tempting opportunity even for smart cleaning enthusiasts: Dreamer has launched offers and coupons for some of the highest rated robot vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners e here you will find all the details on the promotional initiative!


samsung singles day 11.11

The singles party also arrives in the official store of Samsung with the Single Black Promo: until November 14, just use the discount code dedicated to the event to save on the entire e-commerce catalog. Are you interested in a new smartphone, smart TV or Samsung wearable? Then don't miss all the details of the promo.

Now that we have an overview of the main stores and brands participating in the 11.11 Single Day, we just have to take advantage of the many offers available for everyone: as regards the event, the climax is obviously theNovember 11, 2021. Subscribe to our Telegram channels to not miss a single opportunity to save!

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