Road to Xiaomi Friday: the Mi Store Singles Day is very rich!

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Look for product offers Xiaomi on the occasion of Singles Day 11.11 2021, of which we spoke to you in this deepening? The Mi Store, on the occasion of theNovember 11, 2021, inaugurated the Road to Xiaomi Friday, with super discount smartphones, tablets and accessories as well as many dedicated initiatives.

Road to Xiaomi Friday: all the Mi Store initiatives dedicated to Singles Day 11.11

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Exclusive daily bonuses

Xiaomi Singles Day exclusive bonuses

Where can we start talking about11.11 Xiaomi? It starts with the initiatives in the form of a daily prize, until November 14, 2021, which allows you to obtain exclusive bonuses of the Mi Store and to be used on the official website. Also, by getting 5 stars, you can get a Coupon from € 30 out of € 500 spent.

Presale deposit

Moving on, we have the option Presale deposit, which allows you to get Xiaomi products at a discount by leaving a sum and then paying the remaining part at a lower price. An example? Xiaomi pad 5 6 / 128 GB it can be yours to €299.90 instead of € 399.90, by paying the product by 21th November.

The more I like it, the more you discount

Another interesting initiative is the one called “The more I like it, the more discounts”. It allows you to get a higher discount on certain products based on the "likes" obtained on social networks. An example is the POCO X3 Pro 6/128 GB, obtainable at €179.90 since it has obtained over 4.000 preferences.

Special Offers

Finally, for the fastest and eager for discounts, the Xiaomi Mi Store offers numerous provisions lightning offers valid for 24 or 48 hours, or discounts on new products that will arrive shortly or even on 2 × 1 on some products such as the backpack, smart bulbs or the 65W charger. In addition, if you are not satisfied with all these promotions, on a selection of items you will receive a discount of € 10 on at least € 259 spent or € 20 on a purchase of € 459.

Find all these initiatives and all the useful information on the promotion of the Xiaomi store at the link below. We remember that Road to Xiaomi Friday it is valid until the next one November 18, 2021.

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