Shunzao Z11 Max review: it's the details that make the difference


Few of you will know Shunzao, but the brand born under the protective wing of Xiaomi over the years has managed to gain excellent market shares in Asia and, albeit to a lesser extent, in the West. And it has done so substantially thanks to the excellent value for money of its products which, flanked by extreme ease of use, has made many users fall in love. And if you put in a very interesting selling price if evaluated in proportion to the technical characteristics, the picture is complete.

All features that we saw, a few months ago, in the Shunzao L1 and that we find in the brand new Shunzao Z11 Max which improves from the previous model not only in terms of suction power, but also in the technology used with the electric brush and the filtering system. The real problem with the product? The name, too Asian to have appeal among us Westerners.

Shunzao Z11 Max review: powerful, simple and economical cyclonic vacuum cleaner


As with the other products of the company, the sales package of the Shunzao Z11 Max it is made in monochrome hardcover and presents the photo of the product. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Shunzao L1 (body);
  • rigid tube;
  • mini motorized brush;
  • large soft motorized brush;
  • crevice nozzle;
  • wide nozzle;
  • wall support;
  • wall power supply.

Design and materials

Thanks to its essential, clean and linear appearance, the design of the Shunzao Z11 Max it is very pleasant. It has something of Roborock, and this can only be a good thing. The whole main body is protected by a very solid dark gray polycarbonate, while the filter area, the trigger and other small details are made in red. It is a color combination that I really like, and which tends to reduce the highlighting of dirt after a few uses.

At the rear, a circular display has been inserted with which it is possible to access the typical information that one would expect from such a product, such as the remaining battery charge, the operating status etc. etc., through which, however, it will not be possible to modify the suction power: for this control, the company has thought of a physical button positioned in the internal area of ​​the stitching.

The dirt bin has a good capacity, but what I liked most about it Shunzao Z11 Max is the emptying system: just press a physical button located near the display to make the entire filter compartment rise a few centimeters to allow the cap to open automatically. In a nutshell, just disassemble the brushes, place it Shunzao Z11 Max above the dirt container and press the button: in a few seconds the vacuum cleaner will empty itself, without the slightest danger of getting your hands dirty.

Clearly, in the package there are all the typical accessories that one would expect to find with such a product, on which it is not even worth focusing on because they do their job very well, but they do not have any exceptional quality. The real strength of the Shunzao Z11 Max however, it is its motorized main brush that actually gives it an edge. And it gives it to him not only because, thanks to the materials used, it is able to guarantee a very high grip with the surfaces on which he finds himself working, but also because its structure has been designed to avoid entanglement of hair or hair. pets.

Looking at it without paying too much attention, the motorized brush of the Shunzao Z11 Max it might seem almost anonymous, but approaching and observing more carefully, you immediately notice the solution designed for the company: its secret weapon is a rectilinear section of gray color, in which very small serrated blades of dense metal have been inserted which, in the During cleaning, they will move horizontally to cut all the hairs wrapped around the brush roller. In this way, the brushless motor will be able to vacuum them without any problem. It really is a brilliant idea.

The wall mount is good, because poco bulky and functional, it is a pity that those of Shunzao have not thought of an equally practical solution to store all the other accessories that come out in the package.

Suction Power - Shunzao Z11 Max

To animate it Shunzao Z11 Max there is a brushless motor capable of reaching 125.000 rpm and guaranteeing a suction power of 150 AW, with a vacuum power of 26.000 Pa. And for anyone unfamiliar with these numbers, just think that the Dyson V12 has an engine with the same power and the same aspiration. The peculiarity of the Shunzao Z11 Max however, it is in the suction technology, which is different from the traditional ones and tends to solve the problem of the attenuation of the suction power over time.

In a nutshell, most cyclonic vacuum cleaners rely on a filter system to purify the intake air, and this is a well-known thing. The problem, however, lies in the fact that - over time - these filters tend to accumulate dust and particles which often do not go away even after washing. Shunzao's technology, on the other hand, uses cyclone technology to separate gas and dust before they touch the filter, solving the problem.

Either way, it Shunzao Z11 Max it is capable of vacuuming practically any type of dirt in a single pass. In our tests with coffee and flour, he also managed to perfectly clean the joints in the floor without having to go through them for a second time. And this certainly also thanks to the excellent motorized brush that the company has designed.

In the package there are also other brushes useful for cleaning other surfaces such as carpets, mattresses, sofas, soft toys, car interiors, curtains and much more. I found them useful and functional even if I would have preferred some more accessories.

For the rest the electric vacuum cleaner it is not overly noisy not even during the Max mode: there are three suction modes and they produce, respectively, a noise level of 48 B, 55 dB and 63 dB.

Overall, in short, the quality of the cleaning of the Shunzao Z11 Max it is certainly good, especially when compared to the selling price. It is one of the few Chinese cyclonic vacuum cleaners able to match the quality of the top-of-the-range models (not only Chinese) in a rather cheap price range.

Battery life

As for autonomy, we are average. The Shunzao Z11 Max integrates a rechargeable and removable battery, unfortunately, however, an additional battery pack is not included in the package.

Using the standard mode you will be able to get to 55 minutes about, while with the Max mode we will get around the 10 minutes. As for the recharge, however, to go from 0% to 100% it will take about 4 hours.

Price and considerations

The price of the Shunzao Z11 Max is 359 euros, but I always advise you to check the box below in order to check the availability of any discount coupons. And, I know, it's a price that many people would have accepted to pay wholeheartedly if the brand name had been another. The reality of the facts, however, is that we are talking about a product made very well, which introduces (perhaps a little too quietly) new technologies that tend to solve some of the most annoying problems of this type of device.

Of course, it is not perfect and maybe I would have liked to have seen it equipped with a larger dirt container, a LED strip on the main brush and a support not on the wall but on the floor, but the experience of using the Shunzao Z11 Max it is truly exceptional, and the fact that in simplicity the company has managed to hide innovative technologies, is only one thing to be praised.

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