POCO X3 NFC updates to MIUI 12.5 Global Enhanced | Download

poco x3 nfc miui 12.5 enhanced

Xiaomi has officially kicked off thelast phase of updating to the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced, now being released on POCO X3NFC. After being released on the most recent GT model, the software update was also brought to the model featuring Snapdragon 732G and the peculiar photographic module on the back. Also because we are already starting to talk about his successor, POCO X4NFC, but fortunately Xiaomi does not seem to have stopped supporting updates.

The MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update for POCO X3NFC

The update to MIUI 12.5 Enhanced is represented by the build V12.5.4.0.RJGMIXM, therefore we are talking about an update for the moment in phase Overseas hubs. Furthermore, it is still in phase Stable Beta, therefore it is being released only to the Beta Testers of the Mi Pilot program. It remains to wait for its release also in the form of a ROM for Europe, but in the meantime, know that one of the novelties of the update is the introduction of the function Virtual RAM. If you really don't want to wait, you can manually download and install the update (at your own risk):

Download MIUI 12.5 Enhanced for POCO X3NFC

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MIUI 12.5 Enhanced - Changelog

  • Fast performance. More autonomy between charges.
  • Targeted Algorithms - Our new algorithms will dynamically allocate system resources based on specific scenes, ensuring a smooth experience across all models.
  • Atomized Memory - Ultra-fine memory management mechanism will make RAM usage more efficient.
  • Liquid Storage - New sensitive storage mechanisms will keep your system vibrant and responsive over time.
  • Smart Balance - Core system enhancements allow your device to take full advantage of flagship hardware specs.
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