OPPO and OnePlus could join forces even with physical stores

oppo oneplus

La fusion between OPPO e OnePlus it has been known for some time and in the course of the months the most disparate hypotheses have been examined. At the moment everything has mainly materialized with a software union, even if in the West we continue and will continue to use the OXYGEN (in China we switched to ColorOS instead on board the OP devices). Meanwhile, it seems that the two companies also have other plans in store and some of these could even lead to physical stores kin OPPO e OnePlus (although for now it is only a hypothesis).

OPPO and OnePlus: the link between the two brands will be further strengthened and physical stores are being thought of

oppo oneplus

The marriage between OnePlus e OPPO it has generated mixed reactions, especially from some fans of Pete Lau's house. However, things have stabilized over time also thanks to the fact that we have not witnessed any visible upheavals and there have been no "problems" for users, especially with regard to the western market (firmly linked to OxygenOS). Now the two brands would be ready to take yet another step forward: according to what was reported by a well-known leaker, OPPO and OnePlus are willing to to melt the respective offline distributors during first quarter of 2022.

The reason is obvious: to strengthen the ties between the two companies and to face the competition even in the offline segment. Even if in China it is OnePlus and OPPO they can boast of various points of sale, at the moment they are still separate realities. For now, the rumors speak only of the merger of offline distributors and it is not known if things will get even hotter. For our part, we cannot help but think about the hypothesis of seeing, in the future, physical stores joint with OPPO and OnePlus products. An important step forward and yet another consolidation of the bond between the two brands. But will it really be like this? As usual in these cases we are waiting for official news!

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