OxygenOS 11: link for OnePlus models | Download

OnePlus OxygenOS 11 Android

Do you want to carry out the download for free to try the first versions of the new one OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11 for your OnePlus? With the latest major update made by Google for its mobile OS, OnePlus has also decided to adapt its proprietary interface. The announcement ofeleventh chapter of OxygenOS is now in the public domain and, with it, all the innovations introduced by the development team.

Compared to previous versions, the OxygenOS 11 returns a feeling that differs from the stock concept of Android. This is why there is a lot of curiosity in wanting to try it on your OnePlus smartphone. Here, then, that in this article you will find the list of OnePlus models for which you can download the OxygenOS 11.

Last updated: November 25nd

OxygenOS Open Beta: link for OnePlus models | Download

OxygenOS 11 Stable: all versions available for download for OnePlus

oneplus oxygenos 11

To date the new OxygenOS 11 Stable it is only available for the duo made up of OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. But over the next few months it will also be extended to previous models and we will not fail to update this page, including links to the latest versions available.

ModelVersionComplete OTAIncremental OTA
OnePlus 911.2.10.10DownloadDownload
OnePlus 9 Pro11.2.10.10DownloadDownload
OnePlus 9R11.2.5.5DownloadDownload
OnePlus 8T11.0.9.9DownloadDownload
OnePlus 811.0.7.7DownloadDownload
OnePlus 8 Pro11.0.7.7DownloadDownload
OnePlus 7T11.0.4. 1DownloadDownload
OnePlus 7T Pro11.0.4.1DownloadDownload
OnePlus 711.0.4.1DownloadDownload
OnePlus 7 Pro11.0.4.1DownloadDownload
OnePlus North 211.3.A.11-Download
OnePlus North11.1.6.6DownloadDownload
OnePlus North CE11.0.11.11Download-
OnePlus Nord N1011.0.2DownloadDownload
OnePlus Nord N10011.0.2DownloadDownload
OnePlus 611.1.1.1DownloadDownload
OnePlus 6T11.1.1.1-Download

How to install the OxygenOS 11 after the download

The installation procedure of the OxygenOS 11 is the same for all the OnePlus smartphone models listed here. Once you have downloaded the corresponding ZIP file, you need to move it to the root folder of the device's internal memory. At this point go to the section "System updates”From Settings and click on the gear icon at the top right. In the options that will appear, select "Local update”And select the firmware you copied to your smartphone.

Once the installation is complete, you will have your OxygenOS 11 Stable running on the OnePlus smartphone. From now on you will receive an OTA notification when a new update is eventually available. In order to avoid possible problems, we advise you to make a backup and then format the memory to have a "clean" installation (even if it is not mandatory, consider yourself).

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