Motorola Moto Edge 20 review: the mid-range we LIKE!


Not even the shadow of curved edges and, to tell the truth, only the "curved" name of this one remains Motorola Moto Edge 20; one thing is certain, in this model there is no lack of substance and Motorola is confirmed as one of the smartest and most ingenious manufacturers in the smartphone sector.

It deserves more success, of this I am convinced: the biggest flaw of Motorola's devices are the unbalanced prices compared to the market, but this time everything is different. I'll tell you why.

Motorola Moto Edge 20 review

Design and Materials

Angular, thin and very light: nothing to do with the "Edges" we are used to seeing and feeling, but what is certain is that this Motorola Moto Edge 20 it's beautiful, incredibly light and flat, definitely. I am only 7 i mm thickness that distinguish this smartphone and it is they who will make you fall in love with the design of this device.

His frame it is in metal and the back cover with matte touch finish is a lot elegance; it also provides nice play of colors when moving the device, plus it has a good oleophobic treatment such as not to retain many fingerprints during use (even if, as soon as you receive it, you find it already worn with a nice transparent TPU cover) and the few that it attracts, are really difficult to get rid of (I needed a damp cloth).

I am alone 163 grams which marks the scales with this above Moto Edge 20; it is practical to use, comfortable, even if this format could be inconvenient to many. I found poco the side release button is convenient, which is perhaps positioned too high (although I have large hands, by the way), but on the other hand it is precise and fast.

Among other goodies and precautions in design, Motorola has inserted a practically invisible ear capsule in the front of the device: you will have to look for it voluntarily, otherwise it will seem to be without.

In such an extremely design neat and subtle, Motorola could not do otherwise in the implementation of the cameras which unfortunately protrude a little and create the usual rather annoying difference in height but widespread in practically all smartphones.

IP certifications are absent, the headphone jack, wireless charging and the second stereo speaker.


If I were to find fault with this display, I would probably have to forgo writing this review; believe me when I tell you that it is perfect, sometimes I do not understand how the quality is so high even on medium range devices.

Motorola Moto Edge 20, in fact, is equipped with a 6.7 ″ OLED type with 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution, HDR 10+ support, refresh rate up to 144Hz and touch sampling rate equal to 576Hz: now do you understand why finding a fault is practically impossible?

The screen supports a very wide color gamut with full coverage of space DCI-P3; in essence we are faced with a perfectly calibrated display and with a very good and never unbalanced color quality. The maximum brightness is very high and, sometimes, it could even be annoying: personally I am a lover of displays OLED, and one of the reasons is the very high brightness.

Good visibility of HDR content as well as full resolution streaming on online video platforms; HDR is fully compatible on Youtube, but not on Netflix (despite compatibility with Widevine L1) and Prime Video which does not reach the maximum resolution.

Superb management of screen refresh rate and color adjustment in the settings menu; the usual is also present Peek Display Motorola that I personally love more than anything else.

Hardware and Performance

The hardware equipment of the Moto Edge 20 consists of a processor Snapdragon 778 Octa-Core, an Adreno 642L GPU and a 5G modem, as well as 8GB RAM memory e 256GB of internal storage; the data sheet puts us in front of a full-fledged mid-range smartphone, but the difference as usual is made by Motorola's software and exceptional optimization.

Qualcomm's processor on this too Motorola Edge 20 a guarantee is confirmed that will allow you to play titles like Asphalt 9 and Call Of Duty without problems and perform a multitude of tasks without running into lag or slowdowns. In the benchmarks, Motorola is confirmed in line with expectations and with other products in the same price range.

Furthermore, the hardware has also proved to be up to the stage ready for, that is the Desktop working mode introduced by Motorola in the latest generation of smartphones which basically allows you to work in desktop mode with your smartphone directly on your computer and, consequently, transfer files and much more, all even wireless .

Really, there is nothing to complain about, because this Motorola Edge 20 does everything it needs to do, and it does it flawlessly.


The "traffic light" style can be liked and not liked, this is true: I like the "step" which makes it more unstable on surfaces, but it is now in fashion like this.

Moto Edge 20 owns three cameras, respectively from 108MP, for an 8MP telephoto lens with up to 3x optical zoom and an ultra wide angle lens from 16MP.

I start by telling you that Motorola's camera application is, as always, among the most complete and best optimized in the panorama of Android smartphones, and also on this model we have had confirmation, even if there is a bit of management poco clear of photographic resolutions, including a 108MP not usable as standard since by default the resolution will always be equal to 12MP.

Leaving aside this aspect, I liked the photos during the day: they are rich in details, the sharpness is more than enough and the colors are real in most of the scenarios, while in others they seemed a bit dull, drained and poor in contrasts. .

With the 108MP mode the shots are noticeably higher quality but more time is required for shooting; I advise you to use it only if you want to create a really quality shot, and maybe post produce it, because for the tip and shoot the automatic mode is always the best and most balanced.

Surprisingly, then, the shots taken with the Macro camera and the ultra wide-angle camera also have a reason; the shots are of quality, rich in details and with a not excessive noise. Well done Motorola!

The 8MP front camera also produces excellent photos: the shots are sharp, have good colors and an excellent level of detail. I'm not crazy about the still not very precise portrait mode, but still above average. Last, but not least, video recording takes place up to the resolution of 4K 30fps or 1080p 60fps; the videos are stabilized only in FullHD and not at higher resolutions, the clips are good even if here I would have expected a little more from Motorola.


What unquestionably makes Motorola one of the most interesting producers (at least as far as I'm concerned) in the Android landscape is the software; on this Moto Edge 20 there is Android 11 (but with an update to Android 12 already guaranteed by the company) with the usual stock interface in full style Google plus, Motorola's goodies that make sense.

There is ready for, There is the Peek Display, there is the section Motorcycle with a myriad of user settings and in addition a general optimization almost all Android smartphone manufacturers can only admire without being able to replicate, I'm sure. The performances are always of a high level, and also thanks to the software so well studied, you will not feel like you have a mid-range device in your hands.


Reduced thickness would lead to think of a scarce or insufficient autonomy; in practice you get to the evening with the 4000 mAh battery supplied, even if you do it with a little more difficulty than its direct competitors with the same hardware, the Realme gt master that I have tried in the past few weeks.

Still it's enough to get through a full working day, but drops dramatically if you use it for gaming or streaming movies, where the full-brightness OLED display requires a little more battery. In the box Motorola puts a charger from 30W which ensures a full charge from 0 to 100% in poco more than an hour, not first in class but more than good values.

Considerations and Price

Motorola presented this Edge 20 on the market for € 449, a price that is competitive with other products with similar characteristics; reality, however, is different since this Moto Edge 20 can be easily found already around € 350 which is a decidedly interesting figure for this kind of smartphone.

A screen of this type and such a refined design are not easy to find under € 400, plus if you add Motorola's exceptional optimization and a few gems scattered here and there, I would do it all a little thought. Promoted!

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